24 thoughts on “Think Pink!

  1. Not sure what’s going on with the hand on the right, or what it’s connected to…
    It’s a good idea, but it’s not very well drawn and the shading on the bra looks weird

  2. I’m trying to think up a good hodgkin’s lymphoma tattoo for once I’m in remission. We get the lime green ribbon, ya know.

  3. @5 – you could just get the lime green ribbon, or, a tattoo of something you like but in lime green to still honor your triumph (maybe like a lime green teddy bear?).

  4. This was RIGHT when it was finished (doesn’t help that the pic was taken with a shitty camera phone)
    But since its healed, the shading looks a LOT better and hell, it was my first tattoo, for my aunt and mother.

  5. thats the problem with frsh tattoos, they never look “right” but always look better when healed.

  6. @9 if it is healed, why havent you put a picture of it up yet? i think id like to see a not-so-fresh version.

  7. why does her right hand..on our left.. have 5 fingers? I love th eidea behind this tattoo, but can’t help but think another artist could have done a better job with it. the other hand is wonked too.

    goto someone else and have them fix it up.. Your Aunt and Mother deserve better

  8. @5 I have a orange care bear on my ankle with an orange awareness ribbon on its belly. Its the self injury awareness color.
    I liked the idea of taking a happy memory from my childhood and making it into a personal reminder for myself.

  9. This is a crappy tattoo for a great cause

    @12 – I think at a glance the hand on the left looks like it has 5 fingers, but it is indeed 4, they’re just wonky looking (I think the index finger is extra long compared to the others)

    @4 – didn’t notice till you mentioned it, but yeah the hand on the right isn’t connected to the arm properly

  10. 4) The hand on the right is fine, imagine it bent back (90 degree angle) and connected at the wrist, and just because you can’t count don’t say the fingers are fucked.

  11. 19 – …are you kidding? The hand on the right (well, I guess it would be the image’s left) is messed up. The index finger is not connected completely to a hand. That would just take a tiny touch up to fix, but that would still make the hand awkwardly long to have the wrist bent so far under the collar. I never said there wasn’t the correct number of fingers. So just because you can’t read a comment don’t make a retort defending things that were never argued.

  12. the hands are correct you wouldnt be able to see the thumbs because they are behind the collar of the shirt and on our left looking at the design the thumb is behind the hand!!!!

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