10 thoughts on “Santa Approved!

  1. My totally useless $0.02: 1. AWESOME concept – I love clever and unique ideas for tattoos. 2. Looks like the work is really nicely executed. 3. OUCH! I’ve got the tops of both my feet done as well, and I know just how wonderful that DOESN’T feel.

  2. yes cow supposed to be high and i think this blog made my tattoos seem holiday spirited which is far from it. just so everyone knows its a bernie mac memorial piece…wanna know why go to my page and watch B.Mac comedy video….this man will always make me laugh. he a funny mofo

  3. Why isn’t there ever a single post on Modblog these days where someone doesn’t make some rude unnecessary remark…?

  4. #6 – because there are people that have nothing better to do than try to ruin other people’s days because their own life is lacking 🙂

    The cow’s eyes look bloodshot, like it’s got a serious hangover. Which makes this tattoo WAY better 😀

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