This New Years make a resolution to say what you REALLY mean

Like Dusty here, who submitted this picture of his “Let’s Fuck” knuckle duster tattoo.  No beating around the bush, no games, just straight up letting people know what he desires.

Sure most of us have seen, the much more subtle, “Let’s Fuck” interlocking upper knuckle tattoo that has been going around for years, but Dusty did not want subtle, he wanted brutally honest.

Dusty included this with his photo submission:

>>So the story about my knuckle tats: I fuck alot of broads and I love the dwarves, hence wicked knuckle tat .<<

He also adds:

>>Homeless girls rule!<<


Dusty’s tattoo was done by Helena at Helena’s Tattoos Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

24 thoughts on “This New Years make a resolution to say what you REALLY mean

  1. Nice studs and patches my man. I usually hate knuckle tattoos, but I like this one…maybe because it’s just brutally honest (and it’s not one of those love/hate ones). I’m also glad to see an apostrophe present :-) I also like the font…

  2. man i agree, homeless girls are awesome….. mmmm train hopping girls are so sexy, and so dirty…

  3. I’m made of rubber
    You’re made of glue
    I wanna stick my fuckin cock inside of yooouuu
    Let’s fuck!

  4. I’m psyched to see this make the site. Helena Darling is both my friend and tattoo artist.

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