Barbed wire

When someone needs to keep people out of an area, a barbed wire fence is probably the first thing they think of.  Of course it can also be used to keep people in an area as well.  In either case, the owner of this barbed wire tattoo has gotten it in a place that only those they’re close with will be able to check out.

I’m pretty sure you can guess the location, so keep reading to see then uncensored photo.

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This New Years make a resolution to say what you REALLY mean

Like Dusty here, who submitted this picture of his “Let’s Fuck” knuckle duster tattoo.  No beating around the bush, no games, just straight up letting people know what he desires.

Sure most of us have seen, the much more subtle, “Let’s Fuck” interlocking upper knuckle tattoo that has been going around for years, but Dusty did not want subtle, he wanted brutally honest.

Dusty included this with his photo submission:

>>So the story about my knuckle tats: I fuck alot of broads and I love the dwarves, hence wicked knuckle tat .<<

He also adds:

>>Homeless girls rule!<<


Dusty’s tattoo was done by Helena at Helena’s Tattoos Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

Testing the waters

I make jokes of things that upset me, that is how I deal with things and I know I am not alone in doing so. So when I saw uptown’s “Daddy, No!” tattoo, I shot her a message on IAM. I wanted to know if this was indeed her way of dealing with some horrific childhood experience, or if she just had a crude sense of humor.

She responded assuring me that there was “no deep rooted family stuff”. Apparently, she calls her boyfriend, Troy, “Daddy” and this was “just an amusing  idea” to her.


I think it’s quite amusing myself, although it may be a bit discouraging for Troy when he’s trying to get some oral. What do you guys think?

Never Bashful

I have to confess, when I hear the term “Buttergina,” I think of something…well, something that isn’t this. But hey, this is indeed a worthy addition to the pantheon of bizarrely explicit tattoos we’ve featured on these hallowed pages. This one was done by David Pozo out of Forevermore Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow, Scotland. “It’s a Buttergina!” the wearer explains, proudly, we assume. “Four hours of misery, really.” But a lifetime of smiles, am I right? Right. Feel free to share your most beloved animal/genital mash-up tattoos in the comments.

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Don’t Run With Wooden Stakes

You know what one of the best things about working at BME is? Occasionally, you’ll look at your e-mail inbox and see an e-mail with a subject line like “Lesbian Vampires.” Under normal circumstances, this would be nothing — probably spam advertising a Transylvanian boner pill or perhaps some sort of zaftig pyramid scheme (“The bloodthirsty queen of the island of Lesbos would like to lend you some money!”). But here? You see that title and you think to yourself, “You know what? I bet I’m gonna open this up and there are gonna be some lesbian vampires in there,” and sure enough, bam. Lesbian vampires. What a country.

Artist Update! This fine piece of work was done by Cere Kyle Cotterman at Ink Revolution Studios in Kingsport, Tennessee.

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