17 thoughts on “A new spin on tattoo cover-ups.

  1. I find it extremely interesting how you can still see the ink even through the burns. I wonder what that will look like healed and if the scars will diminish the ink they cover or if there will still be definitive shadows.

  2. Sean – Slacking? All we were sent were these two photos. They’re almost identical. The second is closer. There was no explanation. I don’t know if it’s a cover up or not, it was kind of a joke. Unfortunately I can only work with what I’m given and in this case it was 2 photos and the name of the person whose body this is. Maybe if Chavito sees the post he can offer more insight into it.

  3. I think its cool that you can still see pieces of the tattoos in parts of the scar… I was going to continue but then I read the other comments which I usually do before hand. Im just going to say. I second what Muna said

  4. i got a gnarly burn on one of my tattoos last summer, and nothing happened to the ink in that spot, except it is slightly darker now… would love to see a healed pic!

  5. since the skin has been burned i wonder what the discoloration would look like the ink is still in the skin its just been alterd

  6. shouldn’t this be counted as branding ? not scarification ?

    i’d like to see how it heals, can anyone make out the tatto ?

  7. i think this looks awesome. idk why people don’t like it. i’m very curious how the underlying ink will be affected by the scarring.

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