83 thoughts on “Howie has infiltrated the prison system!

  1. That’s… really stupid.
    But I guess if you’re going to be in prison for the rest of you life, why not risk your vision?

    The idea of putting whatever you can get a hold of into your eye really creeps me out.

  2. Also, does the guy with the red eyes remind anyone else of someone?
    I can’t put my finger on who though…

  3. i’m amazed at how good that looks.. the red guy, especially. like, damn. i kinda want that now. i wonder what they could have jimmy-rigged to work like a hypodermic needle… really cool, but im sure their method was apalling. doesn’t mean im not curious, though!

  4. What prison systems allow the wearing of plugs in stretched ears? I thought jewelry was a no-no, even something like the soft plugs that the first guy appears to have.

  5. first off these guys were found with a hypo from a diabetics kit or whatever, it is really really real, these guys got in big trouble because of it, obviously.

    it turns out the guy with the red eyes is only serving 4 years! a bit dumber seeming than the average modder but then again i guess thats not entirely true.. the dude with the blue has like 60.

    lots of prison systems are allowing soft jewelery for ears now, this is lyman correctional facility in colo, i guess theyre kinda liberal there.

    take that cool hand luke. watch lockup on msnbc, its amazing, theyve actually covered a couple tattooers in jail who were pretty damn good considering the situation they are in.

  6. i think thats really amazing. considering the tools they had at their disposal and the obvious huge risk that is taking. i hope that once red eyes gets out of prison he can share his secrets so that a safer procedure can be formed. even if you know would never get your eyes tattooed, you must admit this is pretty amazing!

  7. Later in the episode, their cell is cleaned out and the CO’s find pictures/instructions from Shannon’s eyeball tattoo session (with the BME logo blacked out) and confiscate them :/

  8. well thats pretty impressive, i’m not sure i really approve but i guess you can take away a mans freedoms, but he still ultimately owns his own body.
    still eye tattoos in prison sounds like a great way to go blind.

  9. BTW, while Howie improved on it and refined it as a practitioner, that technique was “invented” by me. The idea came from seeing how Rachel’s eyeball implant was done, and I thought that if you’re planning a single color or otherwise non-sharp-edge eye tattoo, that you could just inject the ink between the same layers, in the same way that they injected saline into her eye to create the bubble for the implant.

    Her experience is here on the site somewhere if someone wants to link to it.

  10. I too was wondering about the jewelry, I hadn’t heard of any place allowing jewelry of any sort to be kept in while in prison, but then again I don’t have any first hand experience with correctional facilities. I am generally impressed with the tattoo work I’ve seen done in prison (the show “Marked” has segments on prison tattoos and another specifically for Russian prison tattoos) especially considering the tools at their disposal.

    Considering how dangerous and un-hygenic prison tattoos are in general I would never risk something like my eyes in there, though they do look good.

  11. I really liked how they turned out. I’m very surprised. That’s kind of cool and I’m very interested to find out what kind of ink was used and how this was done, and if there is a safer way to do this :D

  12. lol at the scary music and the overlay text:

    piercings in his tongue, septum, lip and eyebrow


    I do agree that I’m concerned about eye safety, but it does look kinda cool. I wouldnt opt for this, but hey, if he likes it, and it looks like he does, its neat.

  13. you’d think he would get red or black tunnels instead of the blue, so they matched.

    also, when they are talking about stretched ears at the beginning, that guy inserting an eyelet is schmexy

  14. I’m also pretty amazed that they turned out so well. The color looks really even. I agree with a few others, though, that the method must have been horrifying and unsanitary.

    My opinion on this is kind of up in the air. On the one hand, it’s prison tattooing, unsafe, unclean, probably not done for well thought out reasons. (But then, not all tattoos need to be.) On the other hand, sometimes innovation with an existing technique happens in the weirdest places.

  15. I actually saw this done in a shop several years ago. Err, well, it was done in a shop and I saw it on tv, not in person.

  16. Regardless of their individual situations, there eyes are amazing. The colors are vibrant, and obviously draw people in whether it be postively or negatively.

  17. That’d be Shannon’s procedure..just sayin.

    Also curious as to what implements they used while in prison for the procedure.

  18. The instructions the guys used (found and briefly shown later in the episode) had at least one picture of Shannon’s eye from the original modblog post on them.

  19. I just saw this the other day! I couldn’t believe it! That was a pretty fast turnaround from inception to mainstream exposure for such a new thing.. Crazy

  20. Oh! I misread at first and thought that Howie HAD done their eyes! I was like “Hmmm, Howie has been tattooing alot of prison inmates…”

    So……. They did it to themselves with the ink injection method? Thats pretty scary……

    Good thing only inmates get tattoos.

  21. It bothers me that its misquoted as being invented by howie. howie did the first eye, but he didnt invent the procedure. the former owner of this site was the real inventor of howies method.

  22. I find it amusing that the guy who got his eyeball tattooed in prison, decides to give advice to other people about getting it done…

  23. i like the idea, i dont give a toss if the guys in jail.

    but i worry, what with everything thats in alot of tattoo inks, i wouldnt want it in my eye, sure so far there have been no huge side affects, but i’ll be intrested in seeing what happons years from now, or evan if more people get it.

    nice idea, just stupid IMHO coming from someone who only has use of one eye losing sight is not fun at the best of times. why risk it?

  24. looking at that made me sick. eyeball tattoos freak me out anyway but thinking about it being done in jail is just insane. so unhygienic and stuff. ugh. plus i don’t think it looks good. why would you do this if you are only doing 4 years? no way he’s gonna get a job after being in jail and looking like that. i mean everybody can do whatever they want with their body but you gotta think about the future. if you got a job like a tattoo artist or something like that where you can do all that kinda stuff that’s cool. but most people can’t do stuff that extreme. idk. it freaks me out. sorry.

  25. i have a feeling that it is PEN INK they have used… it is always dark in high doses…

    also i am a little put out with the main stream media covering this LIKE THIS… i am all for it the coverage.. but i really disagree with them suggesting methods of how to do it… i am glad they didn’t tell the exact procedure because i think the eye-tattooing has potential for younger maybe a little naive people to do it themselves.. and that has the potential to be dangerous…..

  26. I felt especially bad for the corrections officers who, after these guys got in trouble, had to do a shakedown in an effort to find the needle they used. Needle in a haystack x 10!!

  27. what scares me is that they used pigments from an ink pen! Mercury in the white of the eye is a bit concerning.

  28. I think it’s interesting that this is being done by so many people (seems like a bad idea)…and that it’s successful!

    I’d be interested in seeing what happened to their eyes over time (if they have any complications in the future)

  29. I know ppl who make jewlery and where it while locked up. the guy with the red eyes kinda looks like he’s wearing plugs fashioned by pen, they can make pretty much Anything they want, they just gotta get it in there.

  30. I’m really impressed at how deep the color is and the amount of coverage. So curious as to how they did it and what they used for ink. Hopefully they don’t have loss in vision later in life.

  31. Loss of sight isnt really a problem if the eye is done right. Look at both Shannon and Rachel.
    Rachel has a jewelry under her eye, and shannon has his tattooed.
    Shannons would be a good example of how it can settle in the eye over time.

  32. I was wondering when this would be put up…I thought what they did was cool and innovative given that they are in prison; at the same time, I thought they were really stupid because 1) They could’ve have really screwed up, and 2) Given the nonexistent access to proper tools and ink, they could be slowly going blind.

  33. I dread the day I see a YouTube video of some high school kids doing this to each other like they do piercing their septums/eyebrows/etc/etc.

    I think eyeball tattooing is neat and a wonderful example of pushing the boundaries, but as of yet unproven in its safety.

    I’ve had tattooist friends say they had kids requesting or questioning about getting their eyeballs tattooed. Not understanding it or realizing it ISN’T a mainstream thing.

  34. I love the way it looks!!

    can someone in here maybe tell me, would it be possible to have all bleck eyes with this method? the guy with the reds seems to have the coloured part of his eyes tattooed too. can that be done? tatooing everything exept for judt the black spot, I mean?

  35. you know.. not a huge fan of it. Not gunna shoot it down.. but hey!

    The think I wanna know.. is how they hell these guys got to keep their plugs! They made me take everything out when I went.. including my plugs..

  36. I didn’t mean for the phrase “Howie’s innovative eyeball tattooing procedure” to be taken as a statement of who’s concept this procedure originally was. I apologize for my poor choice of wording on that one.

  37. @ 10

    From my experiance in the UK anyway, all jewellery is taken off you at reception. They sometimes let you wear an earring, but facial piercings and plugs are generally a no no.

    When I was in prison I stretched my lobes from about 6mm to 30mm (about and inch and a quater) using pieces of rolled up mesuring tape and toothpaste to hold it open at the right size, effectively making adjustable tunnels.

    They complained at first but there was nothing in the rules against it so techincally they couldn’t stop me from doing it. Jewllery is a prohibited item, but measuring tape and toothpaste are not.

    From the video it looks to me like this guys plugs are home made, from allowed items such as pen lids for example.

  38. I’m not sure wether I’m amazed or scared;)

    Amazed as prison mods crossed some line im my opinion. Or maybe it’s because i’m from East where prison tattoo or scars are really meaningful and can really make or breake a person who’s got them. And now, I see guys who get their eyes tattooed just to be original, without (I suppose) any deep purpose.
    I wonder if they have any social ladder there in prison, and how the tattoo is placing them now on this ladder.
    I wonder how it’d be if they had the tattoos here, in one of Eastern prisons.

    Yet, I’m quite scared thinking about lack of hygiene and specialized stuff to modify themselves, and I guees they’re really lucky being ok after such serious procedure.

  39. Sean- the ” ‘s” after the name Howie and before terms like “innovative tattoo procedure” usually leads one to believe that the person named before said ” ‘s ” is the one who innovated the tattoo procedure. If you did not intend to lead people to that assumption, maybe it is best to reword that statement?

  40. @sean: Generally when you make a correction, you should generally state who the right person is.

  41. I thought it was a stupid idea when Shannon and the gang did it and I think it’s an especially stupid idea now that these guys have done it. It raises a lot of questions:

    * Why are they allowed to view stuff like this online in the first place let alone possess copies of it?
    * It must have taken a long time for them to do this with such coverage; why weren’t they stopped?
    * What type of responsibility does BME bear for posting things of this nature to begin with?

    As for why they’re scumbags, they’re serving time for fraud, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, and assault.

  42. And is there some reason I’ve been placed on moderation? I haven’t said anything rude I’m aware of.

  43. @71, the correction was made to change the statement so it and the post in general was not about the history of eyeball tattooing. That was never the point of the post. The only reason Howie was mentioned was for a joking angle to title the entry. When it was pointed out my wording lead people to falsely believe he came up with the idea for the procedure I changed it. I have a lot of history with Shannon and I would never try and write him out of the history of body mods. That being said this post was not about history before so I did not change it to be so now.

  44. @60

    Not everyone in prison is a scumbag, you don’t know the reasons why they broke the law, legality and morality are often very different things.

    That said, of course there ARE going to be some scumbags in prison, just as there are scumbags out of prison.

  45. This is definitely not a trend that I want to see continue to spread throughout the community. It’s dangerous and it’s a bad idea.

    I wish that Shannon had posted more about his multiple trips to the ER/Doctor and that if a person without healthcare, unlike the ability to go to the ER when a mod goes wrong in Canada, they’d have been deep in debt from it.

    I also can’t believe that they were able to do this in prison and weren’t punished for it. I’m sure they had to see a doctor in jail and that cost tax payers even more money to get them checked out.

    I didn’t watch the interview but can someone tell me if they actually have computers in the prison to view BME on? Did they mention getting the details on the procedure from BME?

  46. I wanted to point out that the claim that this procedure was based on the “concept” of my eye implant is incredibly misleading. Nobody was there to view my procedure and I was not involved in the eyeball tattooing so basing the theory of how to do this procedure from a description that I gave of having my implant done (which I couldn’t see or feel or replicate anything being done to me) is really really off the wall.

    My procedure was done by the head of the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery which is responsible for research and development of ophthalmic surgical techniques which are then used around the world. This is a huge leap to say one procedure was based on the other.

  47. i like how the blue eyes guy’s eye’s were so deep and his actual color poped
    both looked so rad

  48. I’m fucking stoked to see the DIY approach in this video.

    After Howie did my eye, I went back a few months later, and did a little more on my own.

    DIY FTW!
    (also, giving a pro like Howie your money, for the win!)

  49. its amazing to me how many people leave comments on here with such stupid shit to say! oh why are u posting this, i cant believe u sunk so low to post that…WHAT. THE. FUCK. if u dont like a post simply KEEP SCROLLING! stop giving the staff shit about what they post or who they gave credit to blah blah blah nobody should really have to write a formal apology for a fucking blog post. and the negativity really should stop opinions are opinions but some of u are just plain judgmental! back off people most of the staff are volunteers u should be saying thank you….Dicks!

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