The Empire Strikes Back…with Tequila!

This tattoo of a Stormtrooper decorated like a sugar skull was done by Robert Fraser of Infamous Ink. I don’t know what the client had in mind when they decided on this piece, but for some odd reason it just makes me happy.

I figure it would make me quite the arsehole if I did not  share my weird found happiness with modblog readers on a cold Monday morning, so here you have it!


20 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back…with Tequila!

  1. haha, this just made me happy too!
    very creative and done nicely :D

    and nice feet for a guy

  2. creative juxatpozition of the mexican sugar skull with an iconic face of a trooper this is amazing

  3. I love this. I think this storm trooper fell asleep at a drunken party and his friends went crazy with the magic markers…lol but this is nice

  4. i probably would cut my leg off if i had this but it looks awsome in someway… and i must addmit its really creative…good job

  5. This is my foot yo! haha

    Thanks for all the kind words! The idea was just a bit of a drunken “you know what would be awesome!!!” But essentially I was looking to get a sugar skull done, and also a Star Wars piece at the time and it just came together! I’ve been drooling over my foot ever since!

    Robert the artist is a good friend of mine also and he’s super stoked on it too and he did an awesome job. Ive got quite a bit of work done and this is probably my favourite piece.

    Thanks for the hairy toe comment, I have shaved them now.


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