Better Late Than Never News

Here I am with your weekend update, what I will now refer to as your “better late than never news”.

What would news be without some celebrity gossip? Apparently, Katie wants a tattoo, but Tom says, I don’t think so! Charlie Sheen is having some personal problems but his tattoos seem to be the topic of discussion. I’ve seen several reports on his recent spat with his (probably soon to be ex) wife and nearly every one talks about his tattoos. Of course, most importantly, Miley Cyrus wants Taylor Swift to get a tattoo. Whatever you do, don’t let Kanye find out!

Ok, now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s move on to some real news:

An exhibition in Philadelphia is tracing the history of tattoos and sailors. The exhibition runs until February 7th so if you’re in the area, check it out and let us know what you thought.

In California, an Air Force recruit, whose tattoos caused some controversy, has finally been sworn in. The Air Force is continuing to look at the issue of tattoos and whether or not to develop some kind of policy about them.

Here’s the kind of story I love, about a 78 year old lady who just got her first tattoo.

In Orlando, a firefighter’s tattoo has inspired a line of clothing.

Finally, I was just sent a link to this story, that interviews a mother who, along with her husband, is being charged with cruelty to a child after they gave 6 of their 7 children homemade tattoos. They used a homemade machine to “draw” the tattoos on, as the article says, using a guitar string as a needle. The youngest of the children is ten years old. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking the guitar string wasn’t autoclaved and the risk to their children goes beyond some poorly done tattoos. What’s your opinion?

43 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never News

  1. the older gal getting a tattoo made my day!
    as for the dimwit who tattooed a bunch of children… that just makes me think mass genocide in the south would be a good idea …..THINK ABOUT ALL THE WELFARE / FOOD STAMPS THAT THE GOVERNMENT WOULDNT HAVE TO GIVE OUT FOR A FEW YEARS! HA!

  2. “Apparently, Katie wants a tattoo, but Tom says, I don’t think so!”

    Oh modblog. Thanks for keeping me upto date with the news.

  3. That’s some dumb shit to say about the south and foodstamps. What kinda sandwich did you eat for lunch?

  4. the children tattoo story is really sad and disappointing. i can only hope the tattoos are done so poorly they laser off easily. but really, i think it speaks more volumes about what kind of parents are they..there are some idiots out there.

  5. also #6 i bet your only offended because your in the south and rely on the government , welfare , and charity…HA HA HA HA

  6. @Thomas – I couldn’t resist, sorry. I just kept seeing all this celebrity news and felt compelled. I promise not to make a habit of it.

  7. @ shanwich – In what region of the country did you grow up? How would you feel if someone made a joke about mass genocide there?

  8. SOOOOOO many of te tattoos submitted and posted on thiw website are done by scratchers in their garages or basements. Hell, 1/2 the time you can see tem resting a bath towel on the arm of a couch and doing a tattoo.. biohazard everywhere..sometimes with or without gloves. The shocking part of the story is the father alowing the kids to do it… that it was done at home is hardly surprising.

    this website is a haven for scratchers and hacks.

  9. I realize the people doing the tattoos on their children with a guitar string wasn’t the best idea, but are we now going to start calling the tribal people who tattoo young kids’ faces with rocks and shit inhumane?

  10. Really scary about those parents that tattooed their young children…they’re acting like it’s no big deal, somehow had NO idea it was illegal, and are completely ignoring the health risks of tattooing people with unsanitary equipment. Sounds like she’s on a power trip…she thinks she can tattoo her kids because she’s their guardian? They’re not cattle OR slaves.

  11. oh my… does charlie sheen really have tattoos? that’s some news! who cares if he beats his wife? he has tattoos, he’s evil, period xD…
    really, i can’t understand why newspapers care about famous people’s tattoos, HELLO, now the strange fact would be them NOT having any tattoos.
    and, by the way, i don’t share the journalist’s point of view about katie holmes “demonstrating her love by listening to tom cruise and not getting tattooed”… i mean, he could just demonstrate his love (and respect) to her by letting her choose what to do with her own body! gosh!! …maybe if she gets a picture of a placenta, i heard he loves those.

    about the man tattooing his children.. i think there’s no way tattoing your children could be a good idea. they can’t choose, it’s unnecessary and potentially harmful, even if you do it right. also, the best tattoo all over the world would get stretched when they grow up. it’s totally a bad idea.
    personally, i’m against any kind of unnecesary body modification children cannot agree with. i won’t pierce my children’s ears, and i don’t think taking permanent decisions about their bodies is right (at least when it’s not a matter of life and death). for example, i wouldn’t operate an hermafrodite child. i don’t think it’s fair to choose something that will change everything and, even more, eliminate future possibilities. i only can choose about my body, and i’m ok with that, i wouldn’t like someone choosing for me. for example, my parents didn’t pierce my lobes (in fact, that’s because they TOTALLY HATE piercings, and don’t like me having them, or my tattoos, but they respect my right to choose) and even though i pierced them now, i’m happy it was MY decision.

  12. Alesita – You’ve definitely illustrated exactly why I posted those celebrity blurbs. Charlie Sheen is being charged with domestic abuse but everything I read is about his tattoos. Katie Holmes and Tom? Well that’s just weird…

    I was reading about that couple again just now and apparently 2 of the children they tattooed were not biologically the woman’s. The reason the cops/cps got involved is because the bio-mom of 2 of them saw the tattoos and called them. That kind of kills her argument that she’s the mother and should be allowed to decide whether or not the kids get tattooed. My bigger problem, of course, is not so much that they did it but with what. A dirty guitar string and Indian ink (or pen ink) is not really looking out for the best interests of the children…

  13. @paige , i grew up on the road, i am a gypsy. and i still encourage mass genocide , even if all my family ,ect was killed, because humans are a parasite (including me,you,and everyone else) DEATH TO ALL HUMANS ,to save the planet. because people are the matter how many people are doing good things, there are SO MANY MORE fucking it up. shit , we should nuke EVERYONE. (starting with people on welfare…)

  14. also @ paige , i have contributed more then 20 photos to… just in case you want to know what kind of person i am.

  15. @ shanwhich The kind who likes to piss people off? But you do say all humans should die, which means you hate everyone equally. At least you’re not a bigot.

  16. @ paige .. well you see , if you want to lose control of your own emotions and become pissed off ,thats all you. but i would like to say thank you for giving me power/control over your immediate emotional state. as a schizophrenic , i do not believe in social rules, and i will go way out of my way to prove a point. also i believe anger is a result of not knowing anything better to do to control the given situation .

    people who are easily offended, have not had a large variety of life experience in my opinion, or they are too constricted by other morals/beliefs/ social rules/ social fears….ect.

  17. shanwich is the kind of pretentious pseudo-intellectual who think he’s found some answers.. turns out that stone is one we’ve all overturned. so basically “zzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  18. @ ian..first off i am a girl, and i have never thought of my self as an intellect , i am SCHIZOPHRENIC , spent years in a psych ward, and hitch hiking around the country (mostly colorado), so i am not looking for answers. after years of confinement , i simply hate everyone… but threw that hate i have found freedom in hopping trains and living life on my own terms. i am not sure why you are trying to but me down , maybe because you do not agree with my ideas? well thats fine too seems how nobody ever does…

  19. its not that i disagree with your ideas, more that I disagree that you might be an authority on life. hate to break it to you sweetheart, there are no answers. Think the planet needs saving? hahaha. This planet will out last mankind, regardless of what we do to it.

    Life is one big filter.. it’s called our subjective conscious. nothing you see is the way i see it.. we’re all processing and filtering it in our own ways. saying things like “life is raw and unfiltered” really shows the lack of depth in your understanding of some very basic components of being “human”

    you’re just another angry kid. awesome

  20. ian mckown – You’re SUCH a liar. You did NOT hate to break the news that there are no answers :-P

    As far as that couple that were tattooing kids…I guess just mass ignorance on their part, by not realizing that what they were doing was dangerous and unsanitary, not to mention that it’s not their right to do whatever they want to their kids (like tattoo them)…and 2 of the kids weren’t even theirs!? Just too ridiculous. Reminds me of that lady that was piercing cats and putting jewelry on them that was so heavy that it made their ears droop. She put them on eBay as “gothic” cats and didn’t know what she was doing was illegal. She thought it was “neat”.

  21. i really dont care , this is all very pointless..
    i was just trying to say that if someone has a shit load of kids, and completely relies on other people for all there needs, they are useless, and should die for the greater good .. like the movie “idiocracy” . stupid people breeding out of control is a threat to the future … enabling idiots to continue there lifestyle is a horrible idea. i also have an issue with tourists giving money to the homeless, the bums are just going to buy booze, when they run out of booze and money they will spend foodstamps on ‘cooking cherry’

    i just hope that some day the idiot enabling government will be gone, and the stupid people will die/kill each other off .. and everyone else will survive because of useful skills , and intelligence. i have lived off the land enough to know what i am doing. i also know of enough people so fat they cant walk , who will starve to death with out fast food.

  22. Gee, shanwich, where ever did I hear about stupid/useless/unworthy people dying and those with useful skills surviving?
    Also I don’t know whether or not you actually have a mental illness, but flaunting that fact (?) is not very classy, especially since it has nothing to do with the present discussion.

    As for this news: people do not OWN their children, pure and simple.

  23. @shanwich, you said in post #22 ” i have never thought of my self as an intellect ”

    anbd in post 25 you said “i just hope that some day the idiot enabling government will be gone, and the stupid people will die/kill each other off .. and everyone else will survive because of useful skills , and intelligence.”

    so i asume you’ll be 1st to go? hahaha poxy freeloaders

  24. Regarding the article on the 78 year old grandma getting her first tattoo, I thought that was cute. I especially liked that she put some thought into her first tattoo and it actually meant something to her. Reading that article made me think I should have put more thought into getting that small matching tattoo with my now ex-husband.

    On the article about the monsters who tattooed their children, that’s just sick. I have a 2 year old son myself, and I could not ever, ever, ever imagine subjecting himself to something that inhumane. Those parents who did the tattooing ought to get very severe punishment. How in the world could they do something so awful?

  25. @ vee
    mental illness isnt classy? do you honestly think i care about being “classy” ? i always feel the need to warn people that i am schizophrenic before a conversation …. because i dont usually make a whole lot of sense.

    no, i wasnt a drain on society due to the fact that i PAID my medical bills i accumulated while in colorado state psych. ward…

    i am not sure why everyone feels the need to pick apart the comments i leave, you dont have anything better to do?

  26. Also, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and has nothing to do with being “classy” or not. My partner is bipolar and I’ve been hospitalized twice for depression. I’m also epileptic; not quite what is usually thought of as a “mental illness” but does affect how my mind works.

    Take care of yourself, shanwich

  27. @33- If you make comments about genocide, and proceed to get into a debate with others, don’t get upset when your points are torn apart.

  28. i did not get upset at any point in the conversation, i believe you have been mistaken.

  29. i’ll have to 100% agree with SS if your going to come along and start saying crazy stupid things about this that and everything alse are you so shocked when someone points out that you shot yourself in the foot?

  30. My mom had her first tat done at age 63. A few months later she went back and had a second done! We had our first done together; I got my second tattoo a few months after she had her second one done. I think it’s awesome when older individuals throw convention out the window!

  31. My grandfather transferred to the Air Force from the Army in WWII and he used to tell me a story (not sure how true it is) about a guy he went through flight training with. The guy was the best in the group, but he had a naked woman tattooed on his arm. At the time, there was a no-tattoo rule for the Air Force, but the guy was so good at flying, they didn’t want to pass him up. So finally, they agreed to let him in–on the condition that he tattoo a dress on the girl!

  32. The tattoo exhibit was interesting, not huge, the best part is the projected tattoo simulator.

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