The ninth hook

Mmmm, excuse me Tye, but why exactly is there a hook in your head?

When I found out about suspensions, to the day that I did my first one, whenever I pictured myself being suspended I could feel the hooks in my body. Alone with that I could always feel a hook in my head. It’s just what I felt should have been done. And I wasn’t wrong at all. I love having head hooks when I suspend. If I do a suspension without one it feels odd, like I’m missing something.


When Tye is not hanging from hooks in his head he is running the piercing side of True Grit Tattoos in Burlington, ON.

This suspension took place at the Rhode Island Suscon thrown by ROP and the Photo is courtesy of Phil’s photography website.

20 thoughts on “The ninth hook

  1. this is amazing. hopefully i will do one some day and hopefully it will be as beautiful. wow.

  2. Lovely photo. Also, I think a hook in the back of the head is pretty hardcore. LOL At least, I don’t see that very often.

  3. Thats awesome! A, the picture is beautiful, B, thats such interesting placement for a superman…Having the hook in the head probably helps his neck from feeling heavy and looking down the entire time. This is also kind of the inverse of a coma suspension IAM: RussFoxx did (hook through the forehead)

    All in all, it looks awesome.

  4. Stormchaser: As long a i have known Tye being involved in suspension the hook in the head thing has been his MO. To my best memory i do not recall him complaining much about it afterwords, the person delegated to put the hook there usually was the more vocal one after saying the act stressed them out some.

    lil: If you like what you see i encourage you to visit my website to see the whole series.

    cwire: The rigging design credit goes to Oliver Gilson, the inventor of the Gilson hook design. It took a long time to get that all up along with all the other images with similar rigging you see in the series. A big shout out to not only ROP but iWasCured, and iHung for helping put the whole event and my show together over 3 years. oh and Perk900… he was there helping too!

  5. wow tye!! that is amazing. pretty freakin awesome if you ask me. i almost feel honoured to know you personally

  6. Wow… Back when I was researching all this for the very first time, this was one of the pictures that just said “awesome”. Good to see it featured here!
    While I personally would not want to have hooks in my head, I’ve seen this a few times now. Everyone said it wasn’t too bad. Normally, there is not much weight on this hook anyway – it’s just to support the head itself.

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