Living in both worlds…

Subcision is one of my oldest BME friends as well as being the second person I ever met into surgical genital modifications (the first being Shawn).  When I first got interested in subincisions there was not much information available aside from J’s old BME interview. Entering the world of surgical genital modification as a young hetersoexual male was quite unusual, and quite intimidating at the time. However,  Subcision and J were the two guys I could go to  with questions about the procedure and life after this modification, and they never once  made me feel uncomfortable.

Since those conversations almost a decade ago, Subcision has not stop modifying his penis. Pretty much as soon as one mod heals (or sometimes before) he is going back into his penis with more piercing, tattooing or surgical mods. He is a prime example of someone who lives quite well in the “normal” world as a clean cut man in a tie while, unbeknownst to his colleagues, he is hiding quite the array of body mods under his clothes.


For more graphic pictures of his genital mods, keep on reading.




Subcision, like many people living between the “normal” world and the world of body modification, asked that no pictures of his face be used to retain some anonymity. However, IAM members are welcome to check out his page and see the man behind the mods.

38 thoughts on “Living in both worlds…

  1. Oh god. There aren’t TOO many things that make me wince or cringe on this website, but subincinsions get me every time. There is just something about them that totally grosses/freaks me out. Yet I keep looking at them! haha

    Anyway, I think it’s cool he still has a PA up in there.

  2. that …is…not…a..vagina.. dammit.

    enough penis already,we got like to fuck up their junk,and you all like to post it.
    where’s all the chicks who like to show off theirs…dammit

  3. that looks really cool with the transscrotal and deep apadravya having similar jewelry, but the scrotal split is pretty impressive too

  4. I would love to understand what’s behind a subcision. What kind of pleasures and other things can we get from it. Personally I can’t see myself doing it. But I find it quite cool!

  5. I have to be honest with you I find all of those pics very hot. I am wet right now. Oops, I queefed! Anyway, a pierced penis has got be the type of things moms everywhere hope their sons find there way into. Who wouldn’t take those photos with them to church to show the friends? Lovely, simply gorgeous.

  6. Subs are the best. Extreme Genitals mods in general are my favorite, haha. Looks great. I can’t wait to join the full sub club one day haha.

  7. Let me add on to that and say, tattooing the head of your penis takes some balls (no pun intended). Like i said even if it Isn’t my thing, the dedication is something to be admired.

  8. I have a short subincision, can’t wait to get it extended. It does seem as if there are many more gay men into surgical genital modification than strait men. I’m not sure why this is but it makes research much more difficult. That subincision is very strait, no ugly overgrown scar tissue, very good results.

    For me, having a subincision is a very different feeling. It does feel better, and there is more sensitivity, but its not more of the same feeling its a totally different feeling which is added into the normal feeling.

  9. @jessie, sweeping generalization much?

    i know i dont have anything done to my penis, but my balls are well and truly “weird” and if anything girls, modded and un-modded enjoy them.

  10. I’m with gandy. Have you talked to every woman Jessie? If so I must be one of that 1% that find this a turn on and a very impressive mod as well.

  11. i don’t like how the snake tattoo looks like it’s coming out of a cross between an ear and a vagina…. but that’s just me

  12. Steve Haworth’s little split just in the end of his cock is something I could deal with, but personally extreme genital mods are a massive turn off. However, If it floats your boat go for it! I must admit having a seperate sack for each ball is kinda funky but I can only imagine some chafing happens occasionall?

  13. @ Jessie – I guess you haven’t visited his IAM page. If you had, you’d know that he almost certainly isn’t thinking about whether or not WOMEN find his modifications to their taste.

    And ya know, sometimes people modify themselves just because they want to do it for themselves, and not because they’re worrying about that other people will think about it.

  14. Hey, it’s nice to flip through here and see Subcision, he’s not only a got great mods but is a great guy as well. And I don’t think he’s concerned about what women think, but @Jessie up above- you are quite mistaken about the 99% of women thing. I would say it’s about the opposite… In ten years of having heavy genital mods, I’ve had ONE girl get weirded out. She was also heavily tattooed… funny how that works. I’ve never had a “normal” looking girl get turned off by it- maybe some initial shock, but then that usually turns into interest.

  15. Oh wow I love that snake… How in the world do you keep the hair off
    down there so well?

  16. i love the snake tattoo…but …..what he does to his penis is… comment…… :P can he have a sex?

  17. Why the fcuk would you want to screw up your cock like that. Piercing is ok but Sorry man that is not cool.

  18. Why the fcuk would you want to screw up your cock like that. Piercing is ok but Sorry man that is not cool.

  19. ODD!!! is the best, nicest word I can think of. Which undoubtedly that had to be what you were shooting for. And as far as the comments, bad or good. Surely you didn’t think everyone in the world that sees this would think it is adorable. Dip it in some acid, that’d be so cool.

  20. I was just shown this by my gay Son which is another one that loves genital modification.

    I had no idea it was here due to the fact that I didn’t log on for awhile. Thanks for everyone who posted, those who liked it, the curious ones and even the negative ones. Modification isn’t for everyone but in the over 25 years I’ve been modified I’ve had one guy who couldn’t deal with the subincision but gave me a hug and wished me luck. It was in a bar and we were both looking for company that evening. We’ve been friendly ever since. The only other one I was with looked at it and told me it was disgusting but immediately had it in his mouth, brought me to completion and then laid his head on my thigh and licked inside the sub until I brought him to an intense orgasm.
    I never worry about what others think, it’s me. I was forced to be in the closet over being gay and when I decided not to be there any more it was so liberating and positive that I refuse to be there with modification.
    I want to thank Sean and Josh Neff for their kind words and for their kindness, friendship and support. They’re both great guys and straight should anyone think otherwise.

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