A reflection of the mind

In the IAM: Learning Piercings forum the question was brought up by Meg:

What is the most challenging piercing procedure you guys have done to date, and why?

It took me a minute to think through them all and then it dawned upon me, that by far, the most difficult piercings I had ever performed were the few uvula piercings I did back in the day. Are these piercings a good idea? Absolutely not. But after hearing Jon Cobb’s explanation, I was drawn into the concept of this piercing and did a few.

There had [to be] the fundamental drive for getting it in the first place. If it’s a stupid human trick, I’ll leave that to Letterman. I was driven to have the uvula because it reflected the mind. When you put a pair of forceps on a uvula, it feels like you’ve grabbed the center of the mass of the inside of your head — if you cough up a piece of rice and it sits in the back of your sinus passage, you understand that spot. Psychologically, it feels like you’re getting the center of your head pierced. That is so live, so real, and the risk inherant only added to the psychological imperative, and I was just driven to have it. Again, not a rational action, but that’s not the point. The technical aspects were just a necessity, but of course I tweaked and got into that. But it was never the motivation. It was never enough. Do you need it? Is it supposed to be there? Yes, then we’re going for it.

Jon Cobb- 1997


While, I no longer do these piercings piercing  Sara & Erki from La Mosca Tattoo & Piercing, Mataro ( Barcelona)  do and they were kind enough to submit this image to BME.

32 thoughts on “A reflection of the mind

  1. Of all the things that ever get featured on here, the uvula piercing is the one thing I will never understand. Eyeball tattooing, meatotomy/splitting, all of that I can understand and in the end can be worth it, uvula just seems so…i dont even know.

  2. When I read you were going to find one to put up on the blog, I came straight here…Reading Jon Cobb’s bit on this piercing in opening up really changed the way that I think about this piercing as well. Thanks for the picture.

  3. i’m fucking serious, every single post someone says “I’m really seasoned and i can get with any mod, but this one freaks me out.”
    seriously? he even provided a colorful and succinct explanation about how it feels like you are getting your brain pierced. awesome post.

  4. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of uvula piercings. It seems so intensely personal and private, even moreso than genital piercings. I’ve played with the idea of getting one ever since the first time I saw them (on BME several years ago) but I can’t get over the fear of having a needle jabbed into my throat enough to really pursue it.

  5. Someone actually email me the other day asking if i would pierce there uvula. The risk and danger are absolutely not worth the money to me.

  6. sean, why is uvula piercing considered a bad idea? i have one myself and have performed several, which have healed fine with no disasterous consequences.
    miss cherry, as for it being a dangerous piercing, why would you reach that conclusion? apart from it being a technically more difficult piercing to perform than say a tongue piercing, the risks are the same.

  7. I say it’s a bad idea because of the inherit risk of the procedure as well as it’s fairly high rejection rate. Does it being a bad idea mean I condemn anyone for doing it or think it will never work? Absolutely not, this bod mod world of ours is built upon knowing risk, accepting those risk and pushing boundaries.

    That being said one badly botched uvula that sent a customer into the ER would bring a world of shit upon our industry, which is why I stand by my statement.

  8. the procedure itself is a little tricky, i agree, but i wouldn’t say it’s any more risky than other piercings that may send someone to ER.
    i also found that placing it a few millimeters higher during the procedure allows it to settle whilst it’s healing, therefore once it’s healed the position will be perfect. also, it’s very important to ensure that it’s not pierced too shallow or too deep.
    as Goldilocks said, it has to be just right :)
    i didn’t mean to stir you up, it’s just that the piercing holds fond memories for me and i know that if it’s done correctly it can be a beautiful thing :) it’s my favourite piercing, both to have and to perform.

  9. I think it all comes down to facing the risk and the reality of these things we do.
    People will always be driven to push the boundaries of the human body. A piercing being done or being had is never an implication that the person who did it or has it thinks that its just the dandiest idea ever. This is body ART, after all. The existence of any given modification in no way implies that anyone who sees it and thinks in neat should do it or have it. And the people who understand that probably won’t mind these photos. People climb to the top of mount Everest. But if some untrained idiot tried it, I’m sure they would most likely die. It’s not *the thing to do*, its the thing someone did, for whatever reason they saw worth taking on those risks. It doesn’t mean uvula piercings should be the new navel. However, it also doesn’t mean that we should stop pushing the envelope, or stop experimenting with our bodies, minds, and souls. Because the internet has so dramatically changed our ability to document our endeavors, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to live our lives. Yes, morons will always try to do something stupid they saw on the internet. But they have just as much a right to be reckless and uninformed as we do to be cautious and educated. *done*

  10. id rather dermal punch my testicles. i takes a lot to make me cringe, but holy freakin shizznit.

  11. I thought I’d drop by and say that I appreciate where modblog’s going lately. It’s a lot more lively ’round here, and posts like these that offer such insight are just really nice to see.

    Anyway, back to lurking.

  12. jon cobb, now theres a name that hasnt come up in quite a while. maybe modblog should do a monthly “where are they now ” feature

  13. @The sky, thank you so much. It seems anyone with anything negative to say takes the time to do so, but rarely does anyone post anything positive. I appreciate that and hope I can continue coming up with post you find insightful.

  14. Honey, other then the obvious risk of stabbing someone in the throat with a needle, you can hold the needle in your hand at all, and i trust my fingers above any tool. there is also a high rejection rate for this piercing. I’m not saying it cant be done and that it cant be healed. I’m saying that just becuase you can pierce something doesn’t make it a good idea. When I do tongue piercings my hand never lets go of the needle and the needle never goes near the back of the persons throat-I would say that makes comparing a uvula piercing to a tongue piercing like comparing a surface piercing to a sub-clavicle piercing. But that’s just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own.

  15. it doesn’t make me cringe at all. Lots of piercings are done in the mouth. I dislike most of those because of discomfort with eating/talking. I really don’t think this is as edgy as its made out to me, and the reasoning behind it seems alright.

    I always find that after i pierce a body part, I like it alot. eg, I hated my nose until I pierced my septum. Now I love it, love stretching it, etc. I wonder what kind of psychological change you’d get from this. I’d start loving my brain? It’s intriguing.

  16. i haven’t stabbed anyone in the throat during the procedure. there was one client who was gagging and straining throughout, even on that occasion i was in full control of the needle and knew where it was at all times. also, the way i bend the needle for that piercing reduces the risk of an accidental scratch.

    any piercing procedure carries the risk of stabbing someone inappropiately, but you just have to be careful.

    yeah, it doesn’t make it a good idea but it also doesn’t make it a bad idea when done correctly :)

    as for the rejection issue, as i mentioned above it’s easily avoided if the necessary care and attention is taken.

    opinions rock! :)

  17. I’d love to get this piercing done, I barely have a gag reflex anymore.
    And after first seeing this piercing a while back i toyed with the idea and started playing with my own.
    I can grab it pinch it, it barely feels part of me.

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  21. hola, soy erki, el que hizo e pircng de la foto (uvula) junto a sara.

    3 cosas:

    . el pircing uvula,para mi no s factible, lo hicimos a un amiga, que queria tenero por un momento, se lo retiramos a los 2 minutos

    .no enieno eso de que no fui mabe por no ceder a foto a bme, ya que la puse en my iam y tambie l subi a bme, si no odeis encorarlo en mi iam (erki)

    .es mjor n criticar nada hasta no saber bien como es,, un piercing, para un momeo, po peticion de un amia y despes retirado al haber hecho a foto.

    unconsejo io es que si lo quieres para vivir l experiecia muy bien, pero para ms de 3 minutos yo no lo veo factible.

    un saluudo

  22. hi, i am Erki, who made and pircng the picture (uvula) with sara.

    . the uvula pircing, for me it is not feasible, we did a friend who wanted it for a moment for a photo will be removed within 2 minutes

    . do not understand why that was not nice not to yield to photo bme, since I put on my iam and also went up to the bme, if you can not find it on my iam (erki)

    one saluudos

  23. sorry, these commentaries i am writingi for the mistake in this forum, I write in another forum and I it put here for the mistake, the commentaries 28 and 29,
    I excuse

  24. Honeyfanny, help! I have been trying to find someone to preform this piercing for ages and no one will. Where are you?

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