21 thoughts on “Pretty women are a wonder.

  1. no too into this one, but I agree wholeheartedly: There is nothing so breaqthtaking in this world is beautiful woman. They are always so unexpected and completely enthralling.


  2. Big nose… check!
    Big square chin and heavy jaw line… check!
    Sallow pale skin… check!
    Thin lips… check!
    Myspace expression and pose… check!
    Single small-gauge blurry piercing… check!

    Yes, this is what makes a ModBlog feature.

  3. I’m sure that piercing is off center. Either that or her face is crooked.

    How ’bout including a piercer credit? Or is this another picture you found trolling the net?

  4. Wow. I mean really. Wow wow wow wow wow. I’ve been considering a move to Portland recently and this gorgeous lady may have just made the decision for me.

  5. ImpressiveNads – I would have gladly credited the piercer but the person who submitted this photo to BME did not include that information. And calling me ugly? Are you 12? Grow up.

  6. thats me ! awesome ! and i can’t remember the girls name impresssivenads but she was great and a sweet heart also the piercing is centered, you might be right my face could be crooked. Shit.

  7. ImpressiveNads, just because she isn’t to your personal taste does NOT mean she is unattractive. It’s a photo of an attractive girl with minimal piercings, but I don’t see what’s wrong with that at all. This IS a site to showcase attractive people with attractive piercings, and that’s certainly what I see. I also spot some lovely stretched lobes.

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