This impressive feat of rigging is a 4 point knee suspension that transitions into  a 2 point chest suspension. It was done by some of the ROP Brooklyn guys; Brian, George and Cere. Pictures by Candace.


Speaking of Rites of Passage, Cere and some other ROP guys have headed west to help with Meg’s event the LA BME Fundraiser, a suspension event to help raise money for BME, that is taking place tomorrow. If you are interested in going check out the events page or message Meg.

For one more pic from this transitional suspension, keep on keeping on.


26 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Well whoever deleted those made the right call. Let’s concentrate on the INCREDIBLY awesome and intense suspension. I mean, really. Wow…

  2. jibberdin, who candace? seriously. its not like they’re good pictures or any one actually cares anyways.

  3. Her facial expressions seem pretty honest, it’s how I’d look if I did it. Although I’m male, so I wouldn’t be wearing lipstick…I’d keep the high heels though.

  4. (I love these pictures)

    Okay, I have a question that I think would be a common problem around here… I’ve always wanted to do a suspension but wouldn’t hooks through my back leave scarring? I don’t mind scarring except when it’s through my tattoos! So, would a suspension mess up my tattoos at all?

  5. oh my god, that facial expression is almost haunting. The shoes? Do whatever makes yourself feel better.

  6. Wow, for anyone who hasn’t suspended, that shit hurts. I’m sure you all make tons of ‘unhappy’ faces when getting any kind of work done or your body is under any amount of stress. Some people show it smiling, some scrunch up their face and wince, some do something completely different. The fact is that this girl was able to do it and did so beautifully! There is nothing wrong with what she’s wearing – people suspend in anything at all. Good for her!

  7. awesome!
    totally hardcore! and damn that mustv’e been hard to rig! props to my ROP boys!

    who cares if she’s wearing heels and lipstick, seriously. people should do whatever they need to do to make themselves feel good and comfortable during a suspension.

  8. the scars I have on my tattoos from suspending are hardly noticeable. they’re a lot more noticeable on my knees and stomach where I don’t have tattoos.

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