From The Vault: Male Breast Implants

There is an age old debate on BME as to whether or not breast implants fall into the same category of body modification as the mods more frequently covered on BME. The point that is usually argued is that breast implants are done to fit into societies ideals, whereas tattoos and piercings are more or a rebellion to those same ideals. Of course, since those original arguments were made tattoos and piercings have become a major part of mainstream society. Whether it be the extremely common piercings or the tattoo imagery that is now printed on everything from t-shirts to high end purses, our subculture is quickly being integrated into mainstream culture.

Well these pictures certainly qualify as body modification, by any sense of the definition. A masculine appearing man getting breast implants, now that is going against societies norm! Well unless you do it for money.

These pictures were submitted in 2004 by IAM:manybodiedman (who no longer appears to be on IAM).

male breast implants 1

For 2 more shots of these implants, keep on keeping on.

male breast implants 2

male breast implants 3

65 thoughts on “From The Vault: Male Breast Implants

  1. @Patrick

    Maybe they make him happy. I certainly know I would enjoy having some of my own.

  2. I just want to say, I HONESTLY just put on a binder 10 minutes ago in an attempt to make myself flatter, I’m genderqueer but have no real plans of transitioning, but I myself would love some chest work done, I think if its what he wants, I’m happy for him. As I hope he’d [it says he retired from iam, but hypothetically] would be happy for me when I get rid of the things that haunt me and wreck my back and make me unable to hug anyone without discomfort… I’m sure there are as many reasons for implants as there are for reductions… I would imagine that it would have cost a pretty penny though, most operations aren’t covered for trans people and that’s life or death to them, so if it’s purely aesthetic for a cisgendered person, then it must’ve come from his own pocket.

  3. The world of gender-queer is a wild and woolly one with people rocking every possible place along the various scales. It’s cool what he’s done and we can only guess what his personal motivations are in doing so.

  4. wow
    post number two, open your mind!
    you don’t need to have a vagina only because you have tits…

  5. #2, you seem to have overlooked the link explaining why he got teh boobeez.

    “…stated that he believed it wasn’t really that uncomfortable or unfortunate for a woman to get implants, which inspired his friend to “dare” him to get implants for himself in order to prove his point. .. immediately agreed, and the two negotiated a pseudo-bet. At that time both … and his friend agreed that the discussion was hypothetical and more of a joke.

    Later in that same year however, …took some investment advice from this same friend and lost a considerable amount. Looking to regain the funds he told the friend that it was time to honor his bet. While the two debated the point, bringing others into the debate to help them decide, they finally agreed to official terms and the “bet” was on.”

  6. BME doesn’t cover implants because there are websites that are much better suited and dedicated to that stream of body modification.

    It’s a iffy situation since we cover ear reconstructions and tattoo removal but that’s more of a before/after archive of removing body modifications so I guess that’s why it slips in under the radar.

    I’d love to have a whole section of plastic surgery (mostly because Dr.’s sites don’t post good high res photos and the subject matter fascinates me!

  7. See, now that’s less meaningful for me, if he really did get it as a laugh, when there are people who are unable to look at their reflection because of their chest… I dunno thats less noble

  8. See, now that’s less meaningful for me, if he really did get it as a laugh, when there are people who are unable to look at their reflection because of their chest… I dunno thats less noble

  9. if it was 6 years ago and just a bet don’t you think he’d have had them removed by now?

  10. Why has he got stitches under the breast and around the nipples? Don’t they usually only put the implants in one way or the other?

  11. i wonder what size he got them at, after having the surgery how long did he have them in? or did he like them so much that he decided to keep them. i think they look great!

  12. You people should pay closer attention, the linked article is not about the man featured here!

    Quite unexpected, if he’s not transgen. Would really like to know if he got them purely for the aesthetic value, or because of something else.

  13. i only hope that this persons plans are not similar to what genesis p. orridge had in mind, when his/her partner unexpectedly died and left him/her literally half the person he/she wanted to become. that was quite sad.

  14. Just a few quick question, and it might be kind self explanatory, but….
    - Do you think the nipples were pierced before after the surgery?

  15. Just so everyone is clear, the man in this post is not Brian Zembic as quoted above, this an entirely different man. Those may have been Brian’s motivations, but we don’t know the motivations of the gentleman in the post above.

  16. Yeah, we do know the motivations of the guy above; a previous commenter linked to his website: He apparently sometimes goes by the name …, and calls his body modification “The Embedded Form Project” (cool name). He says of it: “One foundation for [people's current] destructive behaviour is the assumption that everything is made up of binaries: zeros and ones. Everything is seen to be separate from and opposed to everything else. Yet, behind the dualist thinking which characterises most public discourse, all things are interconnected. People are not separate to and immune from the forces of the universe, but are intertwined and interdependent with each other and their environments. . . . This Project is a challenge to the oppositional thinking that has characterised so much of our recent history. It entails using plastic surgery, body modification, tattooing and self-performance to represent a desire for changes in dominant conceptions of masculinity, sexuality and the body.”

    I think it’s interesting, unique, and thought provoking.

  17. I think thats pretty cool. He must love em to have gotten em. Id never do it, but…still…i wonder if right now hes in the shower like “woot woot booooobies!” ;)

    also if you get some breast implants of your own thru the armpit pls everyone

    and Sean…c’mon tattood people arent all out to defy societal norms. Tattoos that arent for the wearer are generally either funny ink or disgusting ink. Body mod is about changing oneself on the outside to better match ones inner self.

  18. I vaguely remember having a sexual identity crisis dream in which I was happily fondling a beautiful set of breasts, and when I looked up there was the grisly face of a man, and when I looked down, a little buddy happily looking back up at me. Of course I would never, ever judge anyone based on their modifications and choices, but this might’ve been the guy in my dream. I would probably still fondle these, though awkwardly.

  19. btw, these are his original implants — 500 cc — he has since has a second surgery and increased them to 700 cc, and plans to eventually have 1200 cc in each breast.

  20. OK guys, yes, this is me some time ago. I did get migger ones (700cc) and am hoping to get to 1200cc asap, dependent on finances (and yes, it has been self-funded!). Nice to see that the comments on this site have been re-invigorated! Pity I can’t access iam (eldjaytee), but it keeps bumping me off the site, probably because I live in South Africa and the site has some kind of protection filter.

  21. WOW!!! A Bald, bearded bear with boob implants, tats, piercings AND a penis — beautiful and amazing!!! I was turned on the INSTANT I saw his pictures. I’ve never seen a guy with breast implants before, but DAMN, I hope I see a LOT more!!!

  22. love your increasingly growing boobs. hope u grow as big as the huge busted porn stars

  23. I.m a male who has C cup breast implants, for the last 5yrs. No big deal, most women look and smile, everyone else looks and thats the end of it. I.m not tg, just wanted bigger boobs. I would recommend to any man wanting implants, go for it. It definetly hasn.t hurt me when it comes to dating women, they all love my boobs as much as me!

  24. I am also a male who is in the process of having breast implants.
    I have wanted them for many years and feel now is the time. I would appreciate any info from men who have had them. I have found this article to be very inspiring. You may email me at [email protected]

  25. I am a cd with no intention of transitioning fully. I would like breast implants (small). I would appreciate any information at all about how to go about finding a Dr. etc.
    Thank you.

  26. this is really COOL!!! good on ya, eldjaytee! i really wanna get this done too (and i’m a penis person.)

  27. Hi, I’m a guy who is also considering getting implants. Not very big ones – just large enough to say “guy with boobs”. If anyone has had this done and would be willing to discuss the experience please drop me a line at as08037 gmaildotcom. Thanks guys.

  28. I’m a male who’s planning to get (no, IS GOING TO GET) breast implants. These are incredible photos, and just how I want my chest to look!

  29. looks good :-)
    if implants were not so expensive I would have get some too …

  30. eldjaytee/lincoln theo, I hope you see this posting. I’d love to see your biggest pair of implants, please. I’m implant-obsessed myself & currently have 400+cc hard pec implants. I want to go much bigger, & breast implants are the way, & would like to know about your surgeon. I’ve been to S. Africa twice, & would love to come again to meet you & your doctor for the enlargement. Thanks again.

  31. I’m really into big pecs and manboobs. He really looks hot. And his tats are really cool, and they really look amazing in connection with his breast implants. You’d think that a boob job would make a guy look more female/feminine, but it has the opposite effect of enhancing his masculinity.

  32. I am glad I found this page. I think there should be more to discover on the subject of breast implants for men. It states, ” breast implants are done to fit into societies ideals, whereas tattoos and piercings are more or a rebellion to those same ideals” When it comes to men who undergo breast implants, it is a mod that is hard to beat in going against society’s ideas and a complete rebellion against them. I have searched the internet to find more information on the subject and it is very scarce. The subject seems like a perfect fit for BME. I am an older guy with many a tattoo but have seriously considered breast implants and hope to have them sooner than later. It is a modification that has very few places to find other people’s input on. I certainly would not do it for the sake of society’s ideals but for myself. Would women be interested in me if I had them? I am not sure but I didn’t ask anyone when I got my first tattoo. I would like to find more on the subject but it is a rare thing to find.

  33. I LOVE this guy’s boobs! They’re much sexier than big pecs. I’d get breast implants myself (yes, I’m a guy) yesterday if I had the money!

  34. This dude is amazing hot!!! I’m really into his tats, piercings and manboobs, and he has some of most incredible tits i’ve ever seen on a guy. It turns me on so much that I seriously wanna get a set of implants of my own!!!

  35. I’m a fat grey haired senior citizen, but I have been seriously considering implants. I’d like to get them as big as possible. Hanging. Pendulous. I think more men would want to fuck me if they had nice tits to play with.

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