When worlds collide

During my year long stint living in Las Vegas I met Cheyne. Of all the tattooed people I have met over the years, he has has one of the more interesting tattoo. His torso is an amazing Japanese style body suit, and his extremities are a collection of randomness, including lots of pop culture tributes. Of his pop culture tattoos, my favorite is this Harry Potter portrait by our mutual friend Mike Demasi.


To see more of Cheyne’s work, including several pieces most teenage girls would be proud to have, keep on keeping on.


Chest and back by Dana Helmuth.


Twilight tribute by Miles Larsen of Dandyland Tattoo San Antonio, TX.


A little more Twilight love by  Josh Petty.


Love letter to Lady Gaga

Cheyne is currently  in route to California, hence why I can’t get a hold of him to find the artist name who did the Lady Gaga letter. He is seeking piercing work in the Bay area, so if anyone knows of any shops hiring shoot him a message.

43 thoughts on “When worlds collide

  1. Behold, the rare and elusive -male- Twilight fan.

    Joking aside though. I’m with the others on the Harry Potter portrait. Though I prefer his back piece more than anything else.

  2. The Harry Potter one is amazing, I love this two sided tattoos. Want to do one myself. =D

  3. Would the letter be from lady gaga? you normally put the senders address on the flap side…

  4. I thought HP had green eyes? Anyway, they are cute, and I always put my address on the top left corner and the recepients on the middle?

  5. Harry had green eyes!! And while being an amazing bit of work, that tattoo is technically a fail. Which is a shame, because it looks fantastic.

  6. Man, loving the Harry Potter tatt, apart from the fact that Harry is meant to have green eyes.
    Easy mistake to make though as Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter in the movies has blue eyes and they don’t give him contacts or anything.

  7. Technically, it’s a tattoo of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, so the blue eyes are correct… as #18 said, they don’t give Daniel contacts to make his eyes green. That’s more of the fault of the people making the movie than it is of the tattoo artist, who was most likely using an image of Daniel as a reference. That has always been something that bothered me about the movie though.. Rowling put a lot of emphasis on the fact that Harry’s eyes were green, and many people always tell him that he “has his mother’s eyes”… wow, my life is sad.

  8. To think though, they gave the girl who played bella contacts when really her eyes are blueish green, and twilight was originally on a tighter budget than the hp flicks, wasn’t it?

  9. yeah the Harry Plopper piece is super saturation city..
    could care less for the rest of the potter and cullen nonsense

  10. simpsons movie reference ftw < 3 spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does..

  11. Dan- Thanks for the anonymous critique. I’m glad you follow my work. Too bad you sling shit anonymously, or we all might get a chance to look at your work, and see what we’d see.


  12. I remember reading somewhere, that Radcliffe’s eyes were too sensitive for the contacts or something. They could have just used advanced ptohoshop or some rot to turn his eyes green, dunno why they didn’t. Might have taken some time (I guess they would have to work frame by frame? I don’t really know anything about this kinda thing), but the budget would have easily covered it.
    But the tattoo is pretty cool.

    I don’t really like the Twilight-tattoo. I don’t really understand why anyone would like the books/movies enough to get themed tattoos, but more than that I just don’t find it pleasing to the eye. The wolf doesn’t look that good, and the piece isn’t really flowing. But each to their own, I’m positive he’s happy with it :)

  13. Its funny how no one has really said anything about my front or back. The hp and twi tattoos make up about 10 % of the work on me if that. I got the tattoos because the subject matter kept me happy for atleast a portion of time which is more than I can say for most peoples motives. The image of the hp is not photoshopped its also on mike demasis myspace. I also have work from Derek noble. Pows one. Norm. Nd. Few others. But a Japanese style suit does cover most of my body. All done by Dana helmuth.

  14. I’m gonna join in with the other sad fucks here and moan that Harry is meant to have green eyes. A blue-eyed Harry on my skin would bug the hell out of me.

  15. To all the comments about how lame his twilight tattoo is- did you ever thinks that might be somones name? My best friends nephew is named Cullen. Think before you type people.

  16. @Ian, Mike Demasi is probably one of the top 5 guys for color realism, his work doesn’t need photoshopping.

    @Cheyne, I too am a bit surprised there is not a single comment on your Japanese work. Had I posted it on it’s own I am sure it would have gotten a lot of positive comments.

  17. “@Ian, Mike Demasi is probably one of the top 5 guys for color realism, his work doesn’t need photoshopping.”

    not even in the top 5. with guys like Nikko, Devries, Carlton and many others, he is just one of many. I never said his work needede it, just that this was photoshopped. Please don’t think to lecture me on tattooing, or the people in the industry. I know most of the big players in this industry….. and frankly someone willing to post much of the shit that gets posted on this website might want to take a backseat when it comes to decifding what is good and what isnt.

    Color realism (not even realism.. thanks for misusing the term) is the flavor of the week in tattooing. open your eyes.. its the new tribal.

  18. I’d have shouted “Awesome, masterpiece!!!!” if it was drawn on a simple piece of paper, but not on someone’s skin

  19. the back and the chest is amazing. and I find the twilight leg to be interesting. not my cup of tea, but it’s refreshing to see that twilight doesn’t just appeal to 14 year old girls or 40 something housewives. the apple/heart is a cute idea.

  20. i take it back.. didn’t even pay attention to the other tattoo.. lol i think its awesome. :)

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