Diamonds are forever but are palm tattoos?

IAM member heartonsleevejewelry sent us this photo of his diamond encrusted palm.  The tattoo was inked by Ben Wight of Love Hate Tattoo in Rochester, New York.  I wonder how it will hold up over time.


14 thoughts on “Diamonds are forever but are palm tattoos?

  1. Unfortunate that he got three instead of just one, that will surely muddle things in the future. At least that way he could have easily touched it up by hand poking it and following the lines, that would be a fun little project from time to time.

  2. touching up ones own tats with a friggin pin is not something i think should be promoted… good way to f up your ink

  3. Who says handpoking should be done in an unclean and unprofessinal way, Schwine?? Handpoking is perfect for hard-to-tattoo skin like palms.

  4. My palm tattoo has held up just fine. I am not sure about how they did this one, but if it was done with all dots (hand poked or with a machine), I’d say it will hold up just fine. From the looks of it though, it seems to have been done traditionally (lines-not sure what the actual term would be since I’m not a tattoo artist) and I’d be surprised if it makes it past a month.

  5. Schwine – where did anyone say anything about doing it with a pin? I’ve handpoked my own palm with a tattoo needle before and it stayed perfectly…

    I really hope this stays, although I have a feeling that after a month or two only the lines will be left and the blue shading will be gone..

  6. Actually hand tattoos done well don’t REQUIRE touch ups…Ben Wight also did my hand tattoo and it is still perfect more than a year later!

  7. I’ve had a full colour tattoo in my palm for 5 years now and it looks the same as the day I got it

  8. Nintendo-nut – I’d love to see it! I’ve always been fascinated with hand tattoos but until I’m retired or have won the lottery, they will have to wait for me.

  9. My boyfriends getting his palms done next month. He’s getting a basic design so they should hold up. It will be interesting to see if this one does/doesnt

  10. Well it’s been about a month since it was originally done, and I will say that about 85% of it stayed in and looks awesome. The only part that really looks dodgy is on the right edge where the skin is much thicker. I plan on going back to get it re touched in the near future. Most of the blue actually stayed too, although it is not as brilliant as it looked at first.

  11. Im a Tebori tattooist and I dont tattoo with ‘pins’! I have specially made tools, I have my palm and inner fingers done, the tattoos are over a year old. Im not going to lie, they have needed touching up twice but only small touch ups and colour depth, the overall design has stayed clear.
    Ive done four palm tattoos, three needed touch ups, each required touch ups five months on.
    I also have the insides of my feet done, designs using machine and tebori… the tattoos are over two years old and have ben touched up once. Some of the tattos were by macine, some were Tebori……
    A tattoo thats done well and looked after will last better, fact. Whatever the tattooists method.

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