Keep an eye out for gum recession

What better way to see if your piercing is causing tooth damage or gum recession that wearing an eyelet so you can see for yourself?


The information submitted with this pic was a bit confusing. I attempted to message Tyler on IAM, but he hasn’t gotten back to me, nor has he updated since 2008. Anyhow, this pic was just too good not to feature so I will leave the readers with the same explanation I got with it.

Probably, this picture was taken on the lecture “Don’t do it!” and illustrates the common mistake of young bodmod people: don’t put ear plugs into your lip!
Ruslan “Deform” is piercing student in Tattoo Factory studio, Moscow, Russia. Tyler teaches him how he should do piercings and how should not.

64 thoughts on “Keep an eye out for gum recession

  1. it looks weird seing closed mouth and the peron’s teeth at the same time(expect for dentures of course)

  2. I’ve got a 00ga clear glass labret at the moment. Sure it doesn’t provide as free view to my teeth as that one, but it’s still nice as hell. =))

  3. yeah, that don’t look real, you can see the top teeth and clearly her top teeth are higher up….I think it’s a sham.

  4. First of all if that’s a man he has a remarkable lack of facial hair. Second, if that’s an open ear plug then the drool must be a nightmare. Third, while it’s interesting in a novelty way, this is really unattractive. I wouldn’t want to eat a meal sitting across from someone with something like this.

  5. This is really neat. She is very pretty, nice contrast against the hard core mod. At first I thought it went straight through, but on closer inspection realized it was a clear plug. It must be like watching clothes in a dryer when she eats. =)

  6. I saw this in the galleries a few days ago. Is it just me or do the teeth make it look like a fake? Seems to me like the teeth should be higher given the position of the lips….

  7. @Goat I believe the reason this looks “fake” is because the lip is distorted upwards from the jewelry. If you imagine the lip lower in it’s more natural position the teeth line up as they should.

    @emi, I agree 100%.

  8. i doubt thats fake. it looks like a clear acrylic/glass plug. the distortion you see is from the lip not being at a 90* angle with the teeth, more like “/” and doing the glass of water refraction thingy.

    if its fake, its damn good. but if you look closely at the bottom, you can see its resting and even stretching gum on the jawline.

  9. haha that looks wicked creepy seeing his teeth like that! I too think its a clear plug, not an eyelet, but I could be wrong.

  10. this isn’t an eyelet .. it’s like it has been said before just a clear acrilic plug , anyone know etienne dumont ? he’s a france or swiss guy with colorfull maori face and 1 horn implant ? well he has a fucking huge labret i geuss it’s around 30 to 40mm … well he ALWAYS wears a clear plug in it , and that gives the same effect as with this guy ..

    btw anyone clever enough ot think about the fact that if it was a steel eyelet that you would’ve seen a silver coloured side in the left angle of his labret , but now you can only see some inside skin of his lip with the impression of something CLEAR pressed against it …

    also if it was a regular eyelet he would’ve dript spit like hell …

  11. pretty positive its a clear plug.

    but wouldn’t it be neat if it was an acrylic plug with an x-ray scan printed on the front, rather then just clear “look-at-my-yellow-teeth” plug?

  12. kinda reminds you of your mortality in a way – which is both freaky and necessary…check the ‘knowing’ look in his eyes.

  13. Interesting concept to say the least. But it does indeed look like a sham, you cant even see the opposite side of the plug (Side inside his / here / its mouth)

  14. *It’s not a fake

    *It’s not an eyelet. It’s either a labret or a plug

    *It’s a guy

    *Gums look bad

  15. Right-click, saved! This is awesome. At first I thought the jewelry had teeth painted on it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  16. heres a little test for all the people saying its fake and theres too much top teeth:

    close your mouth (i know, hard for some…) normally, like if you were at rest and press the top of your bottom lip. ill bet you feel your upper teeth.and with a plug that big, it forces the bottom lip even further up. so if hes standing with mouth closed normally, then its showing just as it should. if he kept turning <<< to the left in the pic, youd see the plug sitting like \ in his face hence why you cant see the top of the inside of the lip or plug.

    also, yea its a guy (albeit a pretty one. a member of hanson maybe? mmbop?), yes its a clear plug.

  17. I was looking at the inside of the left side of what is said to be a clear plug. It just doesn’t look like there’s any depth on the actual side of the ‘plug’, or that it’s been photoshopped.

  18. Looks real to me. Also there’s an Adam’s apple…youse have not been to ‘how to tell a tranny before u touch her penis’ class…

  19. @ 36 offcourse you can’t see any depth of the plug , cause it’s a clear plug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but just slighlty take moment to actually think you can’t see the depth of the plug , but what can you see in depth ? right the inside of his lipe that’s pressing against the plug/labret piece …

    so al of you people also have a look at the picture on comment NR 33 he has the same thing !!!!

  20. hahaha i did this briefly when i was 17mm and took it out it looks funny for the first few hours and then you realise how unsuitable it is for the gums.

  21. Not just gingival recession issues, also looks to me like some poor oral hygiene- I can see calculus from here (I’m a dental student…). It is however, a very interesting look!

  22. This is kind of freaking me out a bit, like in a zombie kind of way. its a cool contrast between his calm expression and teeth showing, in a scary way! lol

  23. vini said “this isn’t an eyelet .. it’s like it has been said before just a clear acrilic plug , anyone know etienne dumont ? he’s a france or swiss guy with colorfull maori face and 1 horn implant ? well he has a fucking huge labret i geuss it’s around 30 to 40mm … well he ALWAYS wears a clear plug in it , and that gives the same effect as with this guy ..”

    If you are interested there aresome great images of Etienne Dumont which can be seen here;

  24. i think if it were a better fit (say oval, not round, and proper jewerly) this could be pretty freaky and neat looking for regular wear…i think the same idea for some big stretched cheeks would also be awesome, but probably wouldnt work too well.

  25. Incredible, makes me want one just for the awesome factor
    such a twist on your mind to see that
    totally like it, great work!

  26. I love the look and concept; I would love to see video to see the internal movements when talking. I wonder if anyone has tried an actual open eyelet in a large lip piercing like this. Yes, very impractical, but surely someone somewhere has given it a go and tried. Where’s that hard hitting news, Modblog? haha

  27. Haha, if you go on (one of those funny picture sites) and click on the picture at the end of the last update, the comments on there are ridiculous. Everyone’s saying stuff like “OMG fake” “ttly photoshopped”. Silly billies.

  28. Sorry, that is the most vile disgusting thing i have ever seen anyone do to themselves. Talk about self-hatred!

  29. What a grusome but soemwhat fascinating look!! Lots of discussion as to whether this is a male or female, indded a somewhat androgenous person though with a perverse sense of self loathing to mutilate him/herself like this!! So from what’s been siad, I understand this is like a perspex window on/in the chin! My question is Why?????

  30. To everyone thinking this is a man, it isn’t. it’s a young woman. It is a clear plug that is in her lip. And just a few notes for those who think it’s photoshop… look around the plug at the irritation. While a photoshop guru may be able to make it look that good, most wouldn’t just to put a pic of someone’s piercing. And the top teeth being show through isn’t that far fetched. There really isn’t a lot of gum under your bottom teeth and a lot of people’s top teeth are covered slightly by their bottom lip. If you were to add, let’s just say, a large clear plug, then it will push the bottom lip even further up to show more of the top teeth.

  31. See how white her gums already are? She has Leukoplakia. An irritation of of the gums, which over time, can result in oral cancer. Most smokers get this from baking the insides of their mouths and the lack of oxygen to the oral tissues. But it can also be caused by poor dental care, lack of flossing and brushing as well as not massaging the gums with a soft bristle brush. Also notice that between her teeth, there is a yellowish plaque. So already you can tell that she does not take the greatest care of her teeth.

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