Half point suspension

A few days ago Cere messaged me and said, “Meg says she will do whatever suspension you tell her to, so tell her to do a 1/2 point suicide”. I thought about it for a moment, and then decided I would tell her to do a 1/2 point suspension, whatever the hell it is. I mean ,really, how could it not be a good idea if Cere recommended it?

It turns out the half point suspension, as Cere dubbed it, is when you put a hook halfway in and let the pulling from the suspension finish the piercing. I asked Cere where this idea came from and he responded:

I had it in my head for a while now as a joke. When people really started to one up each other for the sake of show they’d be like “he did a 4pt? I’m gonna do a 2pt!” and then next you’d hear “he did a 2pt? I’m gonna do a 1pt!”. It was around then that I started joking, someday, somewhere, someones gonna do a half pt. Just had no clue it’d be by me!


All pictures courtesy of Katie.

For more pictures and insights from this event, as well as the obligatory “don’t try this at home warning”, keep on keeping on.

Meg had already done two suspensions just the day prior, yet that  didn’t stop her from attempting this intense version of a one point suicide suspension. When I asked her about it, this is what she had to say:

This is a bad idea, and I wouldn’t suggest it. The feeling of the hook popping through was disgusting. There were two stages of popping- the first one was really odd, because the hook only shifted internally, and it felt so gross it made me gag a little. the second shift, when the hook actually broke through, was an audible RIP, but more than hear the sound, I felt it. Everyone else heard it though, and cringed. haha.

I swung hard on it both before it came through, and after, and the comfort level really wasn’t that different, however my confidence level was. Once it was through, Cere saw I wanted to keep going and just laughed at me.






Upon further investigation, Cere found out from Allen that a suspension of this type was performed by members of TSD way back in the day. To which Allen adds “It isnt really a good idea”.

I would like to point out that everyone involved in this suspension has been actively involved in the suspension community for years and knew the risk going into this. A suspension of this type shouldn’t be taken lightly. I can assure you neither Cere, Meg, Allen, myself, BMEzine.com nor the Surgeon General advise you attempt a suspension of this nature.

54 thoughts on “Half point suspension

  1. Id like to also point out that it took about 15 minutes of swinging hard on it before the hook finally came through.

  2. this was so amazing. I just wish everyone could smell the awful, AWFUL stench of my garlic infused armpits while it was happening.

    In all seriousness though, this was actually a really fun suspension, and one I plan on doing again, even given that it’s a terrible idea.

  3. It really wasn’t that bad. It was weird feeling, and before the hook popped through, there was more pressure obviously, but overall, it wasn’t terrible.

  4. That is insane!! but sooo interesting. major props to Meg! I don’t think I would have the balls to do this

  5. I was wondering who would be the first dick to make a mod statement that had nothing to do with the suspension…lol

  6. ive seen meg’s lobes in person and they are far from being “on their last leg”. sorry you have to be a little negative nancy ImaDoctor. Lobe envy much?

    great suspension meg! and it had to be cere to come up with an idea as amazing as this… haha… nice guys and gals. nice

  7. my lobes may appear thin, but are in fact quite healthy, and have been at 2″ for years. They are certainly not on their last leg. 🙂

  8. Wow Meg. Not only have you been one of my most favorite people to IAM stalk (probably because I think you’re incredibly gorgeous), but now my respect for you has risen an infinite amount of points. I’ve never really liked suspension, for the same reason I’m not fond of small gauge piercings. The whole tearing possibility scares the shit out of me. You’re so amazing.

  9. I wish the camera could have captured the putrid stench, as well as the horrible popping noise as the hook busted through. It was truly incredible. I wonder how long it’s going to take for someone to call this a hoax haha.

  10. MEG! the hook under your skin in the first pic looks fucking ATROCIOUS! BLEH!!
    Besides that, it looks pretty cool, you hook pioneer you!!

    AND i finally see a hint of what norm did on the back of your neck! Shits’ BAAAAD!! 🙂

  11. i guess 1/2 point is when there is DOUBLE load at one point, NOT HALF load.

    i could even say this suspension is 3pt suspension

  12. Personal opinion, she deserves to be hurt for having those terrible tattoos on her. You know what one’s I’m talking about…..

  13. @8 adorable my ass… they are long ugly and in a dubious position looks like a monkeys paw.

  14. @24, @17 … yeah… STRONG… POWERFUL… I imagine she could easily beat me at arm wrestling… sexy………….yeah. 😐

  15. my god… look at all the blubber…. it’s about to explode…. I really doubt that little hook could carry her whole weight.

  16. Thank you all for the nice comments.. I appreciate it.
    I’m strong, but it also takes a streak of stupid to do something like this, which I think i have covered. There are more pics form this, and my other suspensions from the weekend on my iam page. 🙂

  17. “streak of stupid” – haha, yeah, that pretty much sums it up! I like the concept but doubt I’d ever do this. Anyway, you had fun and enjoyed it, and that’s what counts. Fabulous pictures, too!

  18. #22- very mature. Yeah, I’m fat, and know that. Wow.. good one!

    #23- yes you do, done by Tony Bueke at Barbers Electric Tattooing in Cincinnati.

  19. I like how the hook is going through the eye of the bobblehead doll type thing. Not sure what to call it. I’m also extremely happy one of them has a mohawk lol.

    As for the suspension, that mustve been excruciating considering how blunt the hooks are…gratsz meg!

  20. #17 i think one could say this was irresponsible if Meg knew nothing whatsoever about suspensions and how her body reacts in such situations, or if the people she was with also knew nothing about suspensions.

    Meg knew exactly what she was doing and how it might affect her. she made that choice. how is that irresponsible?

  21. Very interesting. I dont have the balls to do it, but kudos to MissMeg for having them!

  22. I knew full well going into it that there were risks- either the suspension would happen how we wanted, where the hook would pop through, or.. the other option, the hook would not pop through, and I would end up with a bunch of trauma to the tissue, a pocket, and a wicked bruise.. OR.. the hook would pop through, then continue to tear, dropping me and needs a few sutures.

    The things to remember- I don’t tear really. My skin is tough as shit. I was still nervous about ripping out, and that is part of the reason I have the scarf bracing my arms.. I felt like I needed another bit of support. With my arms down, I didn’t have the confidence to swing on it really.

    Before the hook came through, I was actually getting frustrated with it, and on the video we have, there is a point where my feet were on the floor, and I am like, yanking against it to try and get it to just come through already. I swung for a good 15 minutes before it exited nice and clean.

    Afterwards, on the cleanup, we were all amazed that there was no tearing, and that a papercut on Cere’s thumb actually looked worse than the exit point the next day.

    Again, dangerous and stupid, but I’m glad I did it, and look forward to doing it again.

  23. That’s intense! I’d be terrified of when the hook actually pops through, though.
    Meg is beautiful, and has some serious balls.

  24. Meg does have balls!!! and props to you Meg!!!

    have any if you seen Dances Sacred and Profane? the way they pierce for the really old hindu suspension, is this exact way. only piercing half way through. and on taboo (i forget who exactly was doing it) they were doing pullings with smaller hooks, and more of them, for a ritual somewhere in Asia, and only pierced the point in. i understand that they werent suspending from them….but the idea is the same.

    i love how some people think this is soooo dangerous. even with the worstcase scenerio, it world require sutures like meg said. i think life is about taking chances… isnt that what rituals started as? tests of faith? what about the o-kee-pa cereomnies where they hung UNTIL they ripped out??

    but remember saftey is ALWAYS first…

  25. i wish there was beatiful women where i lived,ones intrested in hanging from hooks is quite a turn on,come to allentown PA.

  26. Im sorry but its hard for me to think of BLUESTAR being afraid of any suspension.. that girls got her own brass set

  27. Is this hook sharpened in any way? I’ve suspended with ROP and those hooks aren’t really sharp at all. I can’t imagine that they would go through the skin like that, although I don’t know much about such things. I’m also in agony just imagining the hooks I have going straight through my skin. Definite OUCH!

  28. Ashley, the hook is a standard sea demon and is as sharpened as any of the hooks that we use, It wasnt “additionally” sharpened for this.

  29. Meg, would you ever consider posing for the modblog calender, it’d be awesome to see you in there, you seem like a ‘true modblog” kind of girl who’s pushing the boundaries. I think it’d make me buy it.

  30. Holly,

    I actually just submitted a bunch of pics for the calendar.. since it’s all done by vote, you have to make sure you put in the vote for me!! 🙂

  31. I have done MANY suspensions over the years including several single hook suspensions and some vicious pulls……. and thinking of that hook ripping through made me cringe! lol

  32. I wonder how different this suspension would have been if the hook was polished down to a nice smooth and blunt end to avoid piercing through. Likely a little less painful, if pain was even a factor.

  33. Amazing! These are great pictures and I’d have to agree about the cute toes statement. Heh. And all the hot lady statements. Hooo boy!

  34. I’m just liking the sweet tats of the 4 wanna-be Pez Dispensers! I think that is suuuuper hot!

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