A tattoo worthy of wearing a v-neck tee

Seriously, I HATE v-neck shirts, but this tattoo may very well be able to justify the wearing one of those godforsaken things.


Adam’s “Mighty Throat Goat” was done by Zack Ross at No Surrender Studios in San Marcos,  TX.

PS: You may remember this piece was featured previously here, but it’s now finished with background and worthy of an update post.

For a straight on view, keep on keeping on.


34 thoughts on “A tattoo worthy of wearing a v-neck tee

  1. This has been featured at least once before, maybe twice while it was in the early stages, Great looking though!

  2. I’m sure not everyone would agree with me but the execution of the foreground pentagram might offer a more intense effect if it were scalpeled as opposed to tattooed… just a thought.

  3. Thanks for the kind words folks, It was still pretty swollen in this pic, it actually looks pretty dope with my chin down, from the front you can’t really even see the face horns. and yes, this is the third time it’s been featured, but it’s done now(thank satan ;p). For the curious, the symbols around it are the hebrew for “Leviathan” from the Sigil of Baphomet. Its funny as hell I’m getting positive comments this time about my lobes, and the first time I got told how nasty they were(there was ink all over them).

  4. nice work


    “how does he expect to find a job like that? and wtf is he going to do when hes 60?”

    ha. HS

  5. hahah when he’s 60 !!!!!!!!!! muahahahah
    only NOW is excisting!! whatta fuck u live for the future for deadman haha
    there’s no future
    V-necks must die!!!
    sweet tattoooo!!

  6. I love the colors and shading! I think I’m going to check out this shop for my next tattoo…how much did you pay for this to be completed? (San Marcos is kinda far from me, and I need to save up enough before I drive down there)

  7. SS, it’s the shop I work for when I’m in Texas, Zack charges around 120 an hour but always gives really good deals on big stuff, he does mostly sleeves and large peices like this.

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