The 2010 Dallas Suspension Practitioner Convention is coming soon!

Every year there are a few MUST attend events for the body modification community. Events like the APP convention, BME Fest and others are high up on a lot of people’s yearly to-do list.

As of last year, there is a new annual must do event, at least for those people who are involved with suspensions. That event  is the Dallas Suspension Practitioner Convention, or Dallas SusCon as it’s more commonly known. Last years event was ground breaking for the suspension community, participants worked together and learned together. Aside from members of the suspension community learning from each other, teachers were pulled in from fields outside of body  modification to teach rigging and other various skills applicable to suspension.

Of course, the event is not all learning, there was plenty of fun to be had also, as you can plainly see in this video.

Here’s a brief synopsis from the man behind the event, Allen Falkner:

The 2010 Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention will take place from Friday, April 2nd to Sunday, April 4th, 2010 in Dallas Texas. The three day event will feature expert speakers, classes in technique and safety, advanced suspensions and entertainment geared toward suspension practitioners.

This event is not for people wanting to attempt their first suspension. If you are new to the art of suspension and would like more information, please contact a group in your area.

Mission Statement:

The objective of this convention is to promote international communication within the suspension community, share information on techniques, protocols and safety measures, and address many concerns that have been arising due to the negative overexposure of suspension in the media. As you surely know, the suspension community has been growing in leaps and bounds with very little education and regulation to keep our industry in check. Events such as the 2010 Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention afford us the opportunity to provide education and standardize regulation among suspension communities from around the globe.

Our estimated attendance will be 150+ suspension practitioners and body modification professionals. This event is for our suspension community to come together and share knowledge and skills with each other in a socially constructive and beneficial way

For several more pictures from last years inaugural event, keep on keeping on.







Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this event and I am sure that will go down on my list of regrets from 2010. If you are a suspension practitioner and you can find a way to go, I highly advise you do so. For more information check out the official website.

12 thoughts on “The 2010 Dallas Suspension Practitioner Convention is coming soon!

  1. ghostinthewood: You don’t need balls to suspend at all! Even the ball-less half of the population loves suspensions! I can only speak for myself, but the first time I left the ground hanging from hooks in my skin was a life-defining moment that changed my outlook on a lot of things.
    I can’t wait for this – and yes, everybody who wants to learn more about the art of body suspension should in fact attend this event!

  2. Unfortunately I won’t be there this year, but it is definitely a great event and everyone that is a suspension practitioner should definitely go.

  3. that last picture is a close resemblance to buddha. the heavy set one and his facial expression is quiet the same as well

  4. i do wonder about the scream and sudden camera shake at the end. did someone pop their hooks?

  5. i think the screaming and camera shakes were because we were about to all lift someone at the same time and the camera man (Jared?) had to jump on someone as well..

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