You know what I hate about winter?

The cold air hitting the metal body jewelry I wear. I usually take the plugs out of my ears, but the eyelet in my septum, that damn thing gets frigid!

Thinking of that, I couldn’t help but get a bit of a chill just seeing this pic of Hell’s Monkey with an icicle through his septum!


For a picture with another icicle through his labret, keep on keeping on.


33 thoughts on “You know what I hate about winter?

  1. I don’t live anywhere cold, but I remember reading once about how you’re supposed to wrap up any stretched piercing when it’s freezing out because it can freeze easily, correct?

    Wouldn’t this be kinda damaging?

    /uneducated on the subject

  2. tobais, as long as its healthy and not for very long ive found nothing wrong with it but if yer gonna be outside for awhile in the cold bundling is very important because its much easier to get frostbite, especially on lobes. I wear 4ga rings in my lips with no problems tho so it will be different for everyone.

  3. Living in Norway. Three degrees Fahrenheit outside. Steel eyelets. That’s pain, my friend.

  4. Ah Tom, you delightful nutter. We should get the crew together and knock back a few coffees sometime.

  5. looks cool. literally. i always put in my wood plugs when it get cold, they seem to work really well

  6. Wood and other natural materials have higher specific heat values than metal or glass.
    This means they have a better insulating value; they are slower to cool down, but also slower to heat up.
    So once your metal is cold, it would be easier to heat up, but when getting cold, gets cold quicker.
    Interestingly, ice has a higher specific heat than metal, or even wood.
    Which means it’s a better insulator… not much help when you’re starting out at freezing though.

  7. @Nido: at -22 C/-7 F, even my super-whimpily thin steel rings (12 g, four in each ear) are painful. Managed to get frostbite on my earlobe (wtf, I know) in those temperatures last week, and it took two days before the swelling went down and the redness subsided. Can’t even imagine what eyelets must feel like. :O

  8. haha didn’t see this here. It was only in for a quick photo, and the piercings have been healthily at this size for years so it wasn’t a problem 🙂 rather cold though 🙂

  9. makes me chilly. and i’m with everyone who wears the skinlet in their septum… its the way to go. BONUS when you bump it, it just squishes, you don’t get that OWW FUCK PLEASE KILL ME jolt of pain. as for the lobes, i just bought some kid’s socks, cut them into a rough circle, and sewed them almost all the way closed, they stay over (like 1 1/2″+) lobes perfectly and help SO much with the cold.

    also, keep on keepin’ on sean. (insert thumbs up here)

  10. @sean exactly the reason i stopped wearing a steel eyelet and switched to a threaded eyelet it was too much to change!!

    I also wanna hear about the angry cops trying to get it out!!!!!

    Might help like insulation if you threw a kaos eyelet (gen1s were thickish) thru your eyelet to keep it from losing heat so quickly.

  11. tom, modbloged, again? 😛 lol

    orgainc jewellery ftw, even if it wont last when you go inside. ha.

  12. canada makes for, I wish I had a toque or earmuffs that made me feel punkrawk cause I’m not very outdoorsy but warmth would be awesome/thats a pretty big icicle too

  13. @Nido: It’s ESPECIALLY cold when the tempratures are as cold as you said, and there is enough wind to blow things of the road. Not to mention when you wear 5mm circular barbels. God how i hate living in Norway sometimes. To hot in the summer, to cold in he winter.

  14. lol @ Gandy

    Well, the snow & horrible weather conditions were good for something,afterall xxx

  15. Brrrrrrrrr! The winter before last it was cold enough that even my earlets didn’t do me any good. I would have hated to be wearing metal!

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