King of all Erls

I posted Eric Stango’s bridge piercing a little while back when he was at a measly 00ga (you may also remember him from a couple neat piercing projects — a set of “whiskers” and an anthropomorphic ear piercing). Since then he’s pushed it up to accept an impressive 12mm tunnel, just a sliver away from being an epic 1/2″ Erl. Here he is showing it off with some assistance of one of his four young apprentices (find Eric at Lifestyles and Krazy Eric’s in Connecticut).


ericsuperbridge-1t ericsuperbridge-2t

ericsuperbridge-3t ericsuperbridge-4t

The Platypus speaks


Jenya is no stranger to Modblog. In fact long term readers have watched him evolve into the modern modded man he is today. Fortunately, he was nice enough to chat with me on Skype a while back to answer some questions about him and his mods. His native tongue is Russian, so I had to clean up the grammar on his answers a bit to make it easily understandable, but I did my best not to change the context whatsoever.

For the interview and a few pictures documenting his evolution, keep on keeping on.

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It’s not the body mods that make the bad guy, it’s the overalls.

A while back my old friend Josh (yes, “That Guy” from the 9:30 club in DC) has been featured on modblog a few times previously for pictures similar to these. It seems he has a thing for playing the villain, when truth be told he is a gentle giant of a man.


For another shot and a little backstory on this project from Josh, keep on keeping on.

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Worst case scenario

The often quoted Murphy’s Law says something along the lines of “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.  When it comes to modifications, we always hope that nothing will go wrong with anything we get.  Now I’m not talking about the procedure, more along the lines of what can happen down the road.  You could be getting dressed for work when you suddenly snag a microdermal and tear it.  You could be riding a bike down a moutainside when you fall and scrape up your arm so badly it ruins one of your tattoos.

In the case of Nikita IAM: 9sbg-av4372071, he got into a fight a little while ago and ended up tearing open his medusa stretching project.  If he looks familiar to you, that’s because he was the young man who attempted the single point elbow suspension that ended in a nasty tear.


Here’s how it looked last year when he had it up to 24mm.  There are other images of it in the lip plate gallery.


Prior to the fight Nikita’s had stretched his medusa all the way up to 27mm.  If you head over to his IAM page, you can see pictures of how it looked before he lost it.

Hopefully Nikita continues to upload images of how he’s fixing it to the lip disc reversal gallery.  And let’s hope he manages to go a long time before anything else traumatic happens to him or any of his modifications.

Being heavily modded is a disease?

First, watch this video until the end.

This ad, designed by Zeitsprung Commercial in Germany got sent to me last night by ModBlog reader Broodje.  For those that can’t watch the video at work, allow me to sum it up for you.  A man dressed in a bear costume is walking around the streets to cheerful music giving out hugs to people as he strolls along.  Then, the lighting darkens as the man in the costume pulls off the bear’s head to reveal his heavily modified face.  The tagline of the ad appears as he roars at the camera and stalks away:  ”You can’t see H.I.V.  But you can prevent it”.

I’m not sure how you may react to this, but I’m on the same page as Broodje, in that we’re both more than a little upset by the implications that this PSA gives off.  While the message itself is a good one, the end result may be giving a lot of people a bad impression of the modded community.  To me this is saying that not only can you get H.I.V. from a hug, but that someone who is heavily modified is probably infected and it is best to stay away from them.

As for the actor in the bear costume, I have no idea if he knew what the PSA was for, or if it mattered to him how he would be portrayed in the final cut.  The fact remains that as much as we try to show the world that modded people aren’t any different from the rest of the world, things like this come along and tap into some base fear that people have of the unknown, setting any progress that has been made back in the process.

I think what troubles me most about this, is that this type of thing is exactly the reason that Jessie had such a huge media circus around his arrest.  The media is consistently associating heavily modified people with as many negative connotations as they can.  Now we’ve come to a point that not only are heavily modified people scary because they’re “all violent”, but they “all have H.I.V. and should be avoided at all costs”.

What do you think?  Am I reading too much into the ad, or is there really an undercurrent in the media that is directly attempting to demonize a group of people just because they choose to take control of their bodies.

UPDATE:  It turns out that this video was part of the 2009 HIVisible campaign, and is starring none other than BME’s own IAM:Sicko.  So it appears I was completely off base with my interpretation of the ad.  Thanks to Bastian for filling me in and clarifying the message.