Best username on IAM, bar none

The Wong Fucking Person

Really in almost 10 years of being on IAM, never have I come across such a wonderfully clever user name.

He sent me a picture of his septum sans jewelry to use as a “guess what” entry. Unfortunately, once I cropped it down it was just too small to post. So I will give you guys the full picture instead.


For a picture of Mr. Wong with a helluva “mustache” via his 15mm septum, keep on keeping on.

I tell you what, it’s been a crap-tastic week for me and I hear we are expecting more snow, which makes it even worse. Luckily for me this picture of Michael Wong, along with that damn clever IAM name of his, can’t help but make me smile. I hope it has the same affect on you guys.


29 thoughts on “Best username on IAM, bar none

  1. Tweezers?! Because he has some hair inside his nose, hair that prevents dust and crap getting into his throat? Why are so many people on modblog obsessed with hair?

    It’s a really really great photo and did make me smile :)

  2. this is cool :D

    im with holly, id like to know why a small group of people have issuses with normal body hair.

    this is why id like to get posted one day, id give them a fit what with all my fuzzy goodness

  3. @gandy, it does seem like there is always a person that says something about body hair. And I am not against body hair either. Where are all the furry men? I need to make an IAM account so I can find the furry community or whatever it is called.

  4. having hair in your nose makes sense, since it fills a purpose. but I guess these hairs just… look so black and thick and squirmy?! pretty much like zombies walking the dark, with their long, greedy limbs. YEH.

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