Wow, is it almost Valentine’s Day again?

Apparently it is, according to every commercial on tv and radio, not to mention annoying internet pop ups. So what to do for V-day? That is the big question on everyones mind. You could just stick with the classic romantic candlelit dinner for two, right?

Well, this is BME you’re reading and BME people tend to bring a little bit of  body modification and body play into otherwise normal activities, so a classic romantic candlelit dinner may not be your style.


I am sure you can guess where this is going, so if you are on the tamer side of personalities, please keep scrolling down and look at the pretty flower tattoos posted below this. However, if you want to see a BME Hard version of a romantic candlelight dinner for two, keep on keeping on.

Recipe for a BME Hard style perfect Valentines Day.

Serve a fine meal, preferably something with meat so tender it only requires a fork.


Add in some romantic candle light to set the mood.


Renew the tie that binds you two together.


Then, when the evening couldn’t get any more perfect, go ahead and slip that perfect ring onto your lovers finger.


For more creative, romantic and adventurous ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion please feel free to check out BME Hard.

14 thoughts on “Wow, is it almost Valentine’s Day again?

  1. All I could think to guess was “… a penis?” Of course I was right, but I couldn’t guess what was going to be going on. :P

    LOVE the finger in the last pic!

  2. *Yawn* another tortured penis. Boy BME you sure are edgy. I bet your parents are sooooo offended.
    On a completely serious non-adolescent side note does the giant hole in the penis inhibit erectile dysfunction or cause the angle to become skewed or whatnot? How difficult is it to adequately wash said penis fissure? How does your doctor feel about the penile rift? Can you stuff a laundry dryer sheet in the penis to cut down on the goat cheese smell?

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