Pain Solution puts the art back into performance art

Here is a video sent from our friends in Pain Solution. These guys really have a great grasp on the performance art side of sideshow performance, and I hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I did.

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DivX download (45 MB) link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

PS: Thanks to Roo, for making this video into a format even I could figure out how to post.

11 thoughts on “Pain Solution puts the art back into performance art

  1. i always wondered why people swallow razor blades…even for entertainment the risk is just stupidly high?!
    maybe thats jsut because i will never have the nerve to do that:)

    way cool video however, very cool performances.

  2. They were amazing at Helsinki Sideshow Night Vol.2!
    I was most concerned when the Maniac ate glass and washed it down with window cleaner. It was also really interesting to study the structure of the acts with beds of nails; the concentration, same breathing pattern etc.

  3. Blackroses: I do it because it’s rare and appears to be very dangerous. Congrats to Maniac for his excellent presentation.

  4. It’s kind of funny when these things don’t shock you, you just appraise the quality of the performance.

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