29 thoughts on “Say hello to my little friend

  1. I’m wondering what was the creative drive behind this? It looks like he pressed his face into a jailcell door.

  2. i hate to be ‘that guy’… but does this symbolize something? should i be reading any deeper into this than ‘sweet. some kinda crossy things around this man’s eyes’? i like it, i suppose.

  3. Does everything has to symobolize something? Oh come on, sometimes it just has to be pretty, without any meaning, just pretty.
    But still I hope this means something, because imo it’s not pretty.

  4. Not perfectly symetrical, and deep cuts usually create some pretty ugly scars. I wonder if everyone who gets scarification realizes you loose feeling in the cut area (especially if its deep)

  5. haha, i knew it from the first view that roLANd did those….don’t ask me why….don’t know either.
    excited how the scars turn out.
    #3 : you don’t necessarily lose feeling. my scars (skin peeling work and pretty large) are indeed very sensible.

  6. i have to say, when i saw this pic i asked myself ‘what’s that supposed to be’, so i kinda support Jake. i would be interested to know if there’s some meaning or story behind this.
    yay, scars!!

  7. whew. glad to have jumpino’s ironclad expert opinion on everything scar related. now if i can only figure out why i don’t have utter and complete loss of sensation in the areas of my body that were cut with a scalpel…. hmm….

  8. In my experience sometimes feeling is gained. The tightening of the scars create new feelings that a lot of different people enjoy afterwards.

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.

    When it comes to body modifications its next to impossible to speak in such black and white terms because everyone heals differently and most people dont use the same procedures.

    Although i dont really like the look of these myself they might heal out beautiful.

  9. I would like to know the back story, I do understand that ugly is in the eye of the beholder but it’s not even that I don’t like the work it’s more that it seems poorly done to me *I’m sorry but that’s my opinion.

  10. There is some symmetry active in this mans face. His nostril piercing are symmetrical so the kinda quarter split scaring tends to be some what symmetrical. the cut scars also form an oval shape; if u connect each ending points with an invisible line. The lines also create a plaid look as well two rectangles overlapped or he just pressed his face against a bar frame which he decided that might be awesome as a scar on my face. The lines on the face do not match up so well, also they are really poorly done.

  11. OH YEAAH, someone put this guy on the grill.
    also I thought the headline was promising me a nice thick cock, but oh how wrong I was this time 🙁

  12. why does every have to have a meaning? is everyone speding to much time watching miami ink?

    ” yeah i wanna get 3 stars bacuse my best friends, brother’s cousin’s roommates dog died after he was run over by my best friends, brother’s cousin’s roommates, best friend at a party after he drank to much”

  13. not just miami ink, LA ink (because cat really gets on my tits) and london ink (because phil gets on my tits)

    IMHO the only good artist ive seen on the shows (not that i watch it that often) is tim hendricks.

  14. I do wish the guy all the best, beautiful, nice scars that will be more sensitive than the rest of his face.
    But let’s be honest guys, beauty may be a personal thing, but if anybody thinks the cutting is done clean and symmetrical: go to see your doctor, as for me the wound look awful, just as the skin was ripped not cut off. Or maybe it’s just me who shoud see the doc;)

  15. getting three star tattoos because your dog died is a little different than choosing to have your face cut and have skin removed. I wanna know why he did it because it looks poorly done…so whomever he is I’d like him to explain a little.

  16. i love rolands work, i had some work done by him myself.
    good work! i honestly couldnt care what they mean, its his choice

  17. I’d rather wait to see these scars healed before forming an opinion on the piece for that is what he will have for a very, very long time. At the very least, the rest of his modifications on his IAM page indicate to me that he was well prepared for this.

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