Behind the mask lies the real man


Casper is not just a tattoo artist and piercer, he is also a hobbyist photographer and photo editor. It seems that with the advent of digital SLR cameras and photoshop that more and more artist from our community are getting into photography as well. I know Modblog readers like to complain when an image it obviously photoshopped, but I thought these were interesting enough to justify the editing. For more of Casper’s photography check out his Flickr page.

And for one more man behind the madness type of picture, keep on keeping on.

If you like photography, maybe you would be a good candidate for the BME World tour.


16 thoughts on “Behind the mask lies the real man

  1. @Casper
    Focus is off on the first shot and the mask would look better if you had cut the “mask” with the pen tool. Just saying.

    Very cool concept though.

  2. I am still learning. Its also not easy to take pictures of yourself on a timer and get the focus right.

    Thanks though.

  3. If you’re taking pictures using a timer you can try to manually focus to the area where you’ll be or you could set something in your stead while using an automatic focus. I hope you don’t take offense to my comments, I’m simply trying to help.

  4. TheZLS no way do I take offense. I am smart enough to know when people are being constructive and when people are being rude.

    Everything I know about photography I have learned on my own through trial and error and reading books. so any time I get a tip or pointer I take it and run with it… My next purchase for my set up will be a wireless shutter and wireless trick for my flash. After that its a big soft box and a portable power outlet so I can take it with me on outside shoots.

  5. @Casper, if you use a smaller aperture (like f/8) you’ll have a larger focus area (meaning that even if you miss focus you’ll be sharper all around). This is how most people shoot “clone” shots of themselves while focusing on one general point.

    PS: Hello from Bradenton.

  6. @TheZLS : The arm and mask look out of focus and this makes for a more realistic overall picture. It’s as if he’s been caught taking the mask off quickly. I’ve done photoshop since the first edition. The mask looks great. Kudos Casper! Hat’s off, your doing great!!! Keep up the great work! Love your creativity! I like a brilliant mind!!! I get tired of training deadheads straight out of tech schools and college. Photoshop on my friend!

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