Voila! Non-modded Ala!

I am sure you guys remember Ala’s recent Modblog post, it was definitely one of the cooler and more controversial post I have had the honor or being able to post. Well in case anyone was wondering what Ala may have looked like sans modification a friend of hers has done some amazing photo editing to show just that as a school project.


Thanks again to Roo, aka “that creep guy” (according to one Modblog commenter) that has been stuck as the main image on BME’s main page during the transition to the new site lay out. After being a Modblog author for quite a while himself, he still takes the time to submit images and stories for me to post, and I truly appreciate it.

Behind the mask lies the real man


Casper is not just a tattoo artist and piercer, he is also a hobbyist photographer and photo editor. It seems that with the advent of digital SLR cameras and photoshop that more and more artist from our community are getting into photography as well. I know Modblog readers like to complain when an image it obviously photoshopped, but I thought these were interesting enough to justify the editing. For more of Casper’s photography check out his Flickr page.

And for one more man behind the madness type of picture, keep on keeping on.

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Quicker Than Dust

**wakes up**

**cleans self**

**puts on clothes and fall jacket**

**goes outside**

**melts immediately**

What’s that, summer? You’re sticking around for a while and robbing me of the chance to break out my earth-toned autumnal clothing? Well, fine. I am just going to enjoy a frosty cool beverage, then. I’ll be waiting.

(Photo courtesy of anonymous benefactors in Slovakia.)