You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive…. why would you get magnetic implants without giving them a try right away?


These magnetic implants were done by alienboy, who you may remember from one of his many modblog features or this interview.

On a side note: These magnetic implants were a fairly recent submission so I assume they are the newer generation of magnets that have not been known to have the same coating failure issues the initial batch did.

49 thoughts on “You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive….

  1. i want these but only if they are not a temp thing. Please publish progress on long term success.

  2. Anders you rock mate!!

    Another great submission and mod from you, will have to drop into ‘Flesh Impressions’ soon and get some work done by you.

  3. As the now 3yr owner of the only titanium coated implant I’m proud to see people are still trying new things.
    If I had to do it again I would go with the parylene coated magnets as they seem like they could be smaller than my titanium coated magnet, which is about the size of two grains of rice. Certainly not an implant for people with smaller fingers.\

    Those incisions on the finger look deep. Looks like they cut right under the finger nail and made a pocket right under the pad of the finger tips. Not sure how that would work out because I know if I grab something wrong my ring finger(the one my magnet is in) I definitely get an odd, almost painful feeling. I hope this persons magnet keeps and doesnt go bad like the others we’ve seen.

    Welcome the Magnetic Implantee club.

  4. Saw the girl who had these done about 6 weeks after. Healing up fantastic, with absolutly no insertion mark scar at all. Great work.

    - She got 2 in each hand.

  5. wouldn’t these destroy your credit cards? i was under the impression credit cards/debit cards/whatever get wiped when they pass by a magnet…maybe that’s an urban myth, though.

  6. Lauren: I was thinking about the same thing: If you can lift these nails, the magnet is strong enough to kill a credit card

  7. I have one myself, and here’s a couple things…

    1. Obviously I’m on the computer all the time. They don’t affect computer components (hdd, ram, etc) at all.
    2. Wherever the incisions are made, you’re going to loose some sense of feeling between the magnet and the surface of the skin (very very minimal). It may have to do with that you feel the magnet more than the “feeling” on the skin.
    3. I wouldn’t recommend making the pockets from the tips like that for comfortability, and the fact it’ll be a lot more difficult to heal. On the side of the finger is a lot less traumatic and easier to heal.
    4. Wherever you place the magnet, think first. If you place the magnet right where the finger holds things, (the pad) it’s going to be really uncomfortable to hold heavier items. Remember the story of the princess, the pea, and the mattresses? Something like that.
    5. Other than that, they’re tons of fun, and I recommend them to everyone as long as you get them done by someone that knows how to do the procedure!


    .: Adam

  8. I think it’s really weird going in from the tips. I’ve never seen it done that way before. But, as long as the new owner of these implants is happy. I assume it makes no difference.

  9. Sean,

    These are the latest generation of silicone house magnets by Steve Haworth.

    They were purchased in Australia from

  10. Adam, are you saying that the sensitivity when lifting heavy objects and the like is something that you will feel as long as you have the implants, or just throughout the healing stages? where would a more appropriate place to put them in your hands to avoid this? I’ve always been very curious about magnetic fingertip implants, i remember reading the trial-and-error articles about them on BME ages ago when they were trying the silicon-coated ones…

  11. If these magnets came from Steve, they are injection-coated with implant-grade silicone. This eliminates the chances of the coating rupturing, as the first design did. The first design was dip-coated and had weaknesses.

  12. Yeah I work with cash and coins a lot, some of the coins (im not sure if they are meant to be or not) are magnetic (Ive dropped them on the magnetic de tagging system. not fun to try and get them off!). if they can attract nails would they not be able to attract pennies and other small coins?

  13. I’m wondering how big these magnets are. I’ve got a parylene coated magnet about the volume of half a grain of rice, and I can barely hold up paperclips.

  14. wow, is this what bodymods has come to , where just your average at best piercer is dipping his hands in all body modifications , the hand full of people that know what they are doing in this field know how poor of a job this is, and sloppy stitches to top it off

  15. Cap your a tool, that didnt even link there page, so how proud of your work are you?
    Anders is a great modification artist and ranked with some of the best scarification and modifications around. He was even recognised enuogh to get a bme Artist interview. Wheres yours? Please enlighten us with your modblog posts?

    He is one of bme’s top 5 contributers, So please tell us what you’ve done latly?

  16. Cap, you’re a tool. Anders is a highly skilled and recognised Modification artist, Who is rated for the awesome scarification and mod’s he does. You didn’t even link your page, so how proud of your stuff can you be? He was even recognised enough to get a bme artist interview, Where is yours?

    So please enlighten us on some of your modblogs? Because Anders gets a fair few for his awesome work.

    He is also one of BME’s top 5 contributers, So please, Tell us how you contribute?

  17. This bodymod has intrigued me since I read the first article. I’m glad to see it has moved forward. Very cool, I’m glad its been shared and I hope to see more.

  18. Of course a few idiots had to give their 5 cent of shit into this conversation, without having no idea what they are talking about….

    Anders is working in this industry for 15 years, he has done shit loads of scarification, splits, beading, implants, – transscrotals, ear- reconstructions,… and can’t be called your “average” piercer by any means. I know he is resaerching every procedure he is doing and he does each and every one of them great.

    Cap, if you have a problem with Anders on a personal level then you should keep it that way and not make false statements in a public forum. If you are just angry because you don’t get recognition in this industrie (because you are a tool) then you maybe should stand in the corner and cry.

  19. Oh and in terms of how to put the implants in, there are lot of people who put them in from the front (Russ Foxx for example).

  20. Holy cow what would happen if your implanted finger came in contact with one of those magnetic tag removers Like the poster far above mentioned? Jesus that would suck wouldn’T it as those suckers are strong

  21. Cap And ralpho , i just like to know ,what you base your comments on , i would be happy to get some constructive criticism ,rather then bluntly say it looks sloppy ,we have to understand that the implants have just been done ,there is some blood ,if that’s what you mean, the implants sits perfect and works really well,3 months later there is no insertion marks or sensitivity what more do you want ,everything was done in a sterile manner with proper dermal elevators, I firmly believe going from the front or side does not matter to much ,it in many cases come down to preferences and anatomy.
    Unfortunate there will always be some shit stirrer, that most cases have no connection to this industrie and all they want is a reaction to their own misery, i read some of the comments and you achieved what you wanted, Hurray! I also would like to thank everyone that did like the work ,Thank you!
    As someone mention ,I have been a top contributor for the last 5-6 years ,I just think its time stop ,its not what it used to be , I will keep up my scarification portfolio and keep up my diary on iam but that’s about it , It sad it have to come to this, its just to many people in here that have nothing or very little to do with modification. I’m a very strong advocate for doing procedures the right way ,I guess I just keep it all to myself from now on , I’m in a situation that I can’t (and have no interest) travel the world and do procedure at least I do it all in a shop that take pride in its cleanliness. I’m sure this will make some people happy , it really hard to be an artist (piercer ,scarification,modifier) particular to do the things the right ,its always going to be flak from people with lessor knowledge or inflated ego’s and sometimes a combination of both HaHa ..
    good luck to you .
    THANKS bme you been great to me , good bye Anders

  22. Great update on magnetic implants. I’ve read some of the previous stories, very interesting stuff. Nice to hear they’re improving.

    I still think some body mod practitioner should hook up with a friendly biomedical engineering professor to find out what’s the best way and materials to do something like this rather than proceeding by trial and error…

  23. Magdalena: I recommend that you put them on the sides of your finger. Think of putting a small pebble on the pad of your finger and then lifting a heavy box. all the pressure will be placed on the pebble and then focused in one area of the finger causing little to a lot of discomfort.

    Body mods are fun, but make sure you’re not doing something to yourself that impedes general function of the body part you’re playing with =)

    .: Adam

  24. Hey actually I follow the news on these magnetic implants since I’ve seen them here.
    I had some questions : living in Switzerland at the moment, does anybody know where I could get them done ? where should I order them ?

  25. Hi guys, my name’s Brooke and I’m proud to say those are my fingers. To all of you contributing positively, thanks. To those of you who are doubting the quality of this work, I’d like to clear things up. Anders did an amazing job taking care of me through this procedure, as he always does, which is why I trust him so much. He performed the procedure with the utmost care and skill and I’m very grateful for that. I had no issues with the stitches, even though I work with my hands for a living. I went to work the very next day and experienced only the slightest amount of difficulty, which was obviously expected. I had done substantial research so I knew what I was getting myself into. It took a while to get the magnets organized, so I had plenty of time to rethink my decision. I’ve had them done for quite a few months now, and could not be happier. They give me no trouble with computers or other electronics, and I enjoy the surprise of finding new magnets around me – in phones, laptops, security anti-theft devices [recently learned JB hifi security gives me quite a strong buzz!] If you looked at my fingers today, you would have no idea I’ve ever had stitches in them. Anders is truly an amazing body modification artist, and he gets a high recommendation from me.

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