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If you missed the initial post about BME’s world tour, you can check it out here. The short version of the contest is that BME is sponsoring a trip around the world. We’ve got 4 positions open for a writer, photographer and someone who can edit video plus a tour manager to help keep us organized while we’re out on the road. The tour manager still has to be able to blog, take photos and hold a video camera. We’ll be traveling all over Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and hopefully parts of Africa and Central/South America. Everyone needs to be able to write well enough to blog about our adventures, take photos to go along with those blogs and hold a camera steady enough to record video. Each official role means that the person assigned that role can do it “the best” out of the group. If you want to apply, please read the entire rules in the original post.

I’ve had some people comment saying that it “wasn’t fair” to require that applicants submit a video audition but I wanted to show you how easy it is to apply. All you need is a camera and a couple minutes of time to talk about yourself. I’m going to post a couple of auditions now to show you that you don’t need to do anything too complicated in your auditions. I just want to see who you are and get to know a little more about you than I could in a simple text based application. The only exception would be if you’re applying for the video editor role, since you need to have more than a basic ability to edit video. So far I’ve received over 20 completed applications. I’ve got a ton of other applications but they didn’t include a video so they’re not going to be considered until they send me their application with a video!

First, check out Darah’s video:

Then we’ve got Rob’s video which is a two part video:

See how easy that was? You don’t have to do anything crazy, they can be simple and to the point. Remember, applications are due by midnight on February 20th, 2010!

When I get it narrowed down to the finalists after February 20th, I’ll post the videos from those applicants. If it’s a close call between a couple of people then I’ll need your help to narrow it down to the winner!

If you’re interested in helping us organize the tour, I’ve started a forum on my page. Send me an IM for access and let me know how you think you can help!

20 thoughts on “BME World Tour Update

  1. So are you really looking for interns or are you looking for people who already have the skills and experience to take up lead positions? I would make a great intern but i would be a terrible choice for a lead writer.

  2. Seems you’ve got yourself some extremely motivated people right there! Can’t say I envy you for having to choose one.
    Also, the Canadian dude says “aboot” which made me chuckle.

  3. Working on my application now. But damn, darah sure knows how to sell herself, what a good audition!

  4. if you ever come to Portugal (not likely, i know), i have beds/couchs in my house for all of you! =)

  5. I really like what Darah has to say about people not wanting that face to face interaction anymore & just wanting to chat online.Its a shame that things have reached this level & we no longer communicate with people in a more real intimate way,….she seems perfect for the job very well spoken & outgoing. I can see her doing a great job! Go Darah!

  6. Oh man, I never realized I had so many supporters here on IAM. Thanks so much, compadres! My heart goes all a-throttle when I start thinking about this internship and the endless, fascinating amount of information to be gathered from so many different cultures. Ah, excitement!

  7. Darah, I’m the same way. Since I’ve put in my app, I’ve been constantly working on getting ready if I’m accepted. Researching locations, looking at travel requirements, etc. What I’m really looking forward to is the ability to go and take a look at modifications around the world from the lens of a group of people who are passionate about it. Sure we’ve all seen National Geographic specials that glaze over things, but to sit down and only focus on that will be a once in a lifetime accomplishment.

  8. Ahh! I’m the same, butterflies in the tummy constantly. The whole concept of this trip, just blows my mind. After watching your videos, it only amplifies the excitement, I do believe you’d both make excellent travel buddies. *fingers crossed*

  9. aw i really really like darah! she seems like such a sweetie! 😀

    good luck darah and rob! i applied as well, but it’d be so awesome to meet/travel with either one of y’all!

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