It’s time for a contest!


BME Internship 2.0

It’s been almost 5 years since BME last had interns. I’ve decided that I’d like to do something similar to the internship contest that we had. You can read more about it here. This is a much shorter version of the intern ship and instead of relocating to beautiful La Paz, Mexico, we’ll be traveling around the world.

I’m currently planning a worldwide BME tour. This will probably mean being on the road for 2-3 months. My goal is to start the tour in time to be home for the middle of June. This means we’d be hitting the road in the beginning of April. I have approximately 6 weeks to plan the trip, get sponsors, figure out the winners and then buy everyone’s tickets and book accommodations. I will also be booking the interviews that we will have scheduled. We will have at least one day off each week. This trip is all business though so if you want to do it, be prepared to take photos, talk to people and video tape interviews while we work our way around the world.

The goal of the tour is to interview as many individuals from as many different cultures and locations as possible. In each city that we stop in, I want to interview at least 5 shops and collect copies of their portfolios to add to BME. In addition to interviewing Tattoo Artists, Piercers and Body Modification Artists, I want to talk to and photograph clients as well as random people that we meet on the streets. I want to see the sites that the various places we go to have to offer (yes this means playing tourist!) as well as compile video interviews along the way.  I’d like to bring 4 people besides myself. That means our group will consist of 5 people total. We can get away with 4, including me but we may go to 6 if I can’t make a decision between a couple great candidates.

Depending how the planning process goes, the trip may end up getting split into continents, obviously it’s always fun to think big but to make it so this really happens, we may need to scale it back and make it more affordable in terms of money, time and logistics. While I’m working on the contest and putting together the team, I’ll also be working on getting sponsorships as that will help make the tour that much more viable. I may also end up having a couple openings on the trip for multiple people to fill the various roles due to the length of the trip. I feel though that you should be able to commit at least two weeks. If you can only come out for a week, it’s not enough time to get into the groove with the rest of us. I will, however, make exceptions so please send in your audition and let me know that you’re the exception that I should make!

Click through for more information!

In order to make this trip possible, I’m looking for people who are talented in a couple different areas. I’m looking to fill the following roles:

Videographer/Video Editor

In the dream scenario, each person would be capable of filling all of the roles but I understand that is a dream and not likely to happen. The main thing though is that everyone will have to be able to write. That is a requirement. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be an accomplished author but they have to have an inquisitive mind and be able to express their thoughts in writing so that we can share our travels with the readers of BME. I’m know that I am not the world’s best writer but I am capable of recounting an event or conducting an interview so if you think that you can write as least at the level that I can, then you qualify! I can also take decent photographs and keep a video camera steady. I am however really lacking in the video editing skills. I’ve been trying to get better at it but unfortunately it’s really not something that I’m good at.

If you’ve got more than one talent and can do the same, then it makes it more likely that you will be chosen to accompany me on the trip. Seeing as there are 3 roles that need to be filled and 4 spots available, this means that between the 5 of us, we should be able to fill these three rolls. When we’re in a city, we may need to split up to tackle two different locations at the same time depending on the schedule, which is why people need to be able to fill multiple roles. Being able to write relatively well, understanding lighting and Photography and also being able to properly handle a video camera (even if you can’t edit) means that we should be able to regroup at the end of the day and put our work together with ease.

Besides being able to fit a minimum of one of the above roles, there are a set of requirements that need to be met.

You must meet all of the following:

Active Interest in Body Modification -
You should be knowledgeable about and actively involved in body modification. You should be  open to all of what BME covers. If you have a problem with with anything in the BME/Extreme or BME/Hard areas then you should not apply. You don’t have to have heavy mods but you need to be okay with others having the right to modify their bodies as they see fit.

21+ years old preferred, 18+ Required –
I’m asking for proof of a passport so I will be verifying your age. There are places outside of the USA that require you to be 21 to gain access so I don’t want to leave anyone in the hotel room because we’re going to an event at a 21+ location. Having everyone above 21 makes this a non issue. If you are under 21, apply anyway. I may make an exception for the right applicant BUT keep in mind that preference goes to those that are 21+

Valid Passport – You must hold or be able to acquire and provide proof of a valid passport two weeks prior to the time that I purchase our airline tickets. If you do not have one by this time, you will lose your spot. I cannot risk putting out the money for our non refundable travel arrangements and then find out that you can’t get a passport. There are no citizenship requirements. As long as you meet the other requirements, you are welcome to apply!

No Felony Convictions/No Arrest Record/Anything that prevents you from traveling freely
– This is a requirement because, like the  passport issue, I do not want to have the tour ruined by someone who gets blocked access from entering a country. Some countries will not allow convicted felons or someone who has even been arrested to gain entry to the country. It could potentially ruin the tour all together if someone in our group was denied entry and that made it so the rest of us were denied entry. Anything that prevents you from freely traveling, entering various countries or getting back into your own country will prevent you from being selected. I have decided that if you can get clearance to travel by filling out the appropriate paperwork and going to the required consulates and get yourself authorized to travel (with a criminal record) I will waive this requirement for the right applicant!

No Drug/Alcohol Abuse Issues –
As we will be traveling in foreign countries, I do not want to deal with any issues relating to drug problems. We may visit countries that have serious penalties with foreigners that are caught with illegal substances. If you break this rule and are caught, there is little that we will be able to do to help you.

Good Health - I will get Medical Travel Insurance for all of us in case of emergency but if you are not in good health and cannot carry your own luggage or backpack, this is not the tour for you. We are going to have to schlep our own bags. We’re not rock stars, we’re people out to do something cool on a limited budget. We’re basically seeing the world on a shoestring budget (unless I score major sponsorship) and we need to make sure we meet out goals. If you are on medication that you take daily, that’s fine but it cannot interfere with our abilities to get from point A to B and do what we need to do while we are there. I am hoping to make it so that I am the only one with a chronic illness on the trip. In addition to doing our interviews, going to events and working almost every day of the trip, we will be site seeing. Depending on the country, this could include a lot of hiking.

Drivers License –
You should have a valid drivers license, but it’s not required. Preference does go to someone with a license in the event of a close call. It does not need to be a full license if you’re in a country with a rated system like Canada. I don’t want to end up being the only one who can drive though!

Availability -
You must be able to commit to staying on the tour for at least TWO WEEKS. Any less than that and it will disrupt the tour. It will take a lot of time to get into a grove and figure out how everything works and to streamline our entire process. If people come and go too often, the harder it will be to become an efficient touring machine! Preference will be given to those who are able to commit more time.

Computer Experience
-  This is a no brainer. You need to be able to write and post photos on the web. If you only have a desktop computer and you are selected, I should be able to provide you with a laptop.  This will need to be returned back to me at the end of the trip. You must have a working knowledge of wordpress, basic photo editing capabilities (ie color correcting, watermarking, resizing photographs),  as well as basic HTML skills. Extended knowledge is always a plus and as always, preference will be given to those with the most variety of talents and skills.

A Positive Attitude
– Sometimes shit happens, especially when you travel. Are you going to be able to keep a smile on your face when we get to a hotel and it’s oversold and they gave away our rooms because we didn’t get there until 1am due to our flight being stuck on the runway for 3 hours? Are you going to be okay with sleeping at the airport when our flights are canceled and we can’t get a hotel until morning? Or are you going to be a diva and whine and cry about it? If so, this isn’t for you!

Be Social/Outgoing
– You don’t need to be a party animal but you have to be willing to talk to strangers. We are going to interview, photograph and film people that we don’t know. You have to want to get to know them, or at least do a damn good job faking it, which is what makes a good interview. You also have to be willing to have your photo taken and appear on CAMERA. Obviously some people will want to spend more time in front of the camera and that’s fine with me. I hate having my picture taken or being on video but I know that it needs to be done. You should know this too and be willing to get over your fears.

These things are major bonuses:

Travel Experience is a plus – Do  you know what I mean when I say we’re going LAX-LHR? Do you determine your travel route based on the amount of air miles you’re going to accrue? Do you know what to do when you’re in line at airport security? Do you pack everything into a tiny carry on bag so you don’t have to check it and in that bag are things sorted so you can pull out your liquids so you don’t get a secondary screening? If you’re a travel pro, that’s a big bonus. If my 6 year old knows more about travel procedures than you do, chances are we might not get along! If you have airline/hotel/rental car elite status, that is also a HUGE bonus because I will be booking flights based on AA/OneWorld Alliances and hotels based on Priority Club alliances. I have EVIP’s which need to be used by the end of February or they expire. If you know what this means, make sure you include it in your application. If you’re adept at public transportation, include this on your application as well. We don’t want to get lost and we don’t want to kill our budget on taxis! Obviously safety first but we’ll be in a group so we will be fine.

Multi-Lingual - Do you speak more than one language? Great! Do you understand other cultures because you have experience with them? Awesome! Do you know people who can put up the 5 of us for the night? Even better!

Hotel/Airline/Sponsors Connections – That’s a no brainer. Do you have any hook ups and you want to help us out? Please contact me!

What’s covered and what isn’t?

Now that you’ve been selected, what do you get? Unless I find a couple other sponsors, we’re going to pull this off on a limited budget. It means that we’ll likely be flying economy (this is where having travel experience and frequent flyer status comes in handy! You can upgrade, I won’t hold it against you!), staying in low end Hotels/Hostels/Friends Couches where we can and taking full advantage of Continental Breakfasts offered at the hotels/hostels that we stay in. We’ll try and take public transportation to keep costs down as taxis can be very expensive. I will be covering the basics. Unfortunately this isn’t a paid tour but all of the costs will be taken care of so you’ll be able to take a trip you may otherwise not be able to afford. This is a great opportunity to see the world as well as build up a huge archive of content for your resume. Not to mention it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Plane tickets/Ground Transportation – You will need to get yourself to our starting point, if you happen to be closer to our first destination, you can meet us there. Due to the nature of our tour, it makes sense that we all travel together. The only exception is if it doesn’t make sense for you to go to the start point if you’re closer to the first destination. For example, if we’re all starting off in Los Angeles and our first destination is Londan, England and you live in Paris, it makes more sense to have you meet up with us in London. In that scenario, I’ll cover getting you to London from Paris but I can’t cover getting you from Podunk, IA to Los Angeles.


– We will be staying in hotels/hostels or friends couches (this will be a very rare occurrence and most likely won’t happen, mostly due to the fact that most people don’t have room to accommodate 5 people). We will be sharing hotel rooms. Since there are 5 of us, we will be splitting two rooms (taking turns with who gets the cot!). In the event we take on an additional person, we will be splitting 3 rooms. 2 persons to a room.

Meals - 3 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This does not include alcohol or tobacco.

Medical/Travel Insurance
– I will make sure that each of us has medical/travel insurance for the duration of the tour.

The Application Process!

Now that you know what the tour is about, who I’m looking for, what the requirements are and what you get out of it, it’s time to apply! As I’ve described at the beginning, I’m looking for “Jack-of-all-trades”. If you can write, take photos and hold a video camera, then this is definitely an opportunity that you qualify for. I’ve also got a position open for someone who doesn’t really excel at any one skill out of all three. Everyone needs to submit the same application, however, if you’re looking to be assigned one role specifically above the others, then you’ll need to submit additional material to support that request.

Please submit the following:

Send an email to [email protected]. Please make sure to include the following in your email:
Birthday & Age:
IAM Page Name:
Role you’re applying for:
Drivers License:
Criminal Record Y/N, if Y, what?:
How long can you commit to the tour? Please note priority may be given to those who can commit more time to the tour:
Are there any time periods where you will need to briefly leave the tour?:
Email addresses used for any BME submissions. If there are contributions to BME or this community you’ve made that won’t show up under those email addresses, please include details about them.
Link to Audition Video (You must create a video audition and include it with your application – see below for hints!):
Links to writing:
Links to Photography:
Links to Videos:

I’ve explained the application specifics for the Audition video and the links to your writing, photos and videos below! If you don’t submit these things your application won’t be considered!

A Video Audition - Make sure to state your name, your age, where you live and which role you’re applying for. Since I’m potentially spending weeks on end with you, I want to get to know you as well as possible through your audition tape. I wasn’t sure what to ask for in the audition video so I googled “how to make an audition tape” and got tons of answers. Check out those sites as well as this one to see how to make the best audition tape possible. If you’re saying “I don’t have a video camera, how can I make a video?!” Don’t forget that most digital point and shoot cameras have a video mode. You can also use the webcam built into your computer to record an audition tape. Most things that you audition for put 3 minute limits on the audition tapes. I’m giving you 10 minutes to work with. You don’t need to use all of it but I’m giving you a lot of time to let me get to know you. Tell me who you are. Tell me why you think you’d be good for this. Tell me why you want to do it. Be honest. Tell me your deepest darkest secrets and everything else you want me to know. Are you afraid of the dark? Let me know. Give me a look into your life and what it would be like living together on the road for 6 weeks to 3 months! Upload your video to  youtube and send the link along with your application email.

Examples of your writing
– As I said, everyone must be able to write at LEAST at the same level as myself. This means you can express yourself clearly and intelligently via the internet. You need have a basic grasp of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your examples of writing can be anything from a link to your IAM page, another blog and articles or interviews you’ve written. If you’re interested in being selected as “The Writer” then make sure you submit more examples of these.

Photography - Everyone needs to be able to take photos. Please send a link to examples of the photos you’ve taken. A link to your BME submissions, IAM page, online photo hosting page or something similar is fine. We will all have pocket size digital cameras. If you’re interested in being “The Photographer” please send links to your portfolio to back your selection for this role. You will need to know how to light the shops that we are shooting in.

Videos you’ve Edited – Everybody needs to be able to use a video camera.  Please send links to videos you’ve uploaded to youtube etc. It’s okay if you don’t have any if you’re applying for one of the other roles. Your application video will suffice. If you’re applying for the “Videographer/Video Editor” role, please send a link to your portfolio of films/videos that you’ve edited.  To snag this role, you’ll need to prove that you can edit video!

I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting the video auditions on Modblog so that I can get BME readers to help me choose the winners. Submit your videos under the impression that I will be. This is going to be a kick ass trip and I think we’re all going to have an awesome time! Get those applications in asap! The application process will be closed on February 20th and winners announced on the 1st of March. We should be able to have a finalist round where I’ll post the video auditions that made it to the finals and we’ll do a group vote. I want to see who can really market themselves and get people to BME to vote for them, since that’s kind of what a part of this tour is about! I will have the final vote on who goes on the trip though. If everything goes according to plan, we will be leaving in the first week of April. Good Luck!

73 thoughts on “It’s time for a contest!

  1. Owe, the age requirement =]

    This is such an amazing opportunity for anyone who has the time, dedication and desire to become involved in this. Good luck with the screening process, and I greatly look forward to seeing what this project yields.

    Rachel: The map posted above, are those your planned travel destinations, or just random points on a map used to mock-up a picture for this post?

  2. holy shit i wish i could do this. i could do this. but i’m graduating (with a photography degree, btw) in may and i can’t really miss it.

    you guys will have a hell of a trip. if this comes up again in a year or two, i’m so on board.

  3. I stopped reading when I saw the age requirement. =(
    Whoever ends up doing this is in for one awesome fucking time.

  4. I’m sorry about the age requirement but I’ve asked some Europeans and they said there are places that are 21+ (ie alternative type clubs) despite the lower drinking age. It would be 18+ regardless anyway.


    I’d love to go to all of those places but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it all done but I’m going to try. I will most likely be skipping the USA locations.

    I’m really stoked about putting this together and I can’t wait to get submissions. Thank you to everyone in advance for taking the time to submit.

  5. God, I wish I was done with school. I’m a media arts major, an avid writer, and grammar nazi, not to mention I love traveling. Maybe I can catch it in another 5 years! lol. Good luck!

  6. Damn this is a Photography students wet dream/my wet dream. Och well only 20, sounds like a great project, can’t wait to see how this unfolds :)

  7. Good mental health? I’m sure the insurance company would deny anyone associated with this website. Self injury after all raises insurance premiums.

  8. jealoussssss. i would adore this position. however i cannot drive. le poo. everything else meets the criteria.

  9. I said GOOD HEALTH. Not good MENTAL health.

    I am NOT avoiding Poland. I just made a quicky map/illustration. As I posted just a couple comments up, the map is not indicative of our actual route.

  10. No Antarctica?? Bummer… You should really try to get to McMurdo Station that is about 5 hours south of New Zealand. I work there seasonally as a weather observer and the amount of us there that have mods is very high!!! Best of luck! I would love to do this, but i doubt I would get it… I’m sure there are tons of others out there who need and could value the experiance!!!

  11. where does the trip start? does it matter where you live, or will everyone fly out and meet at one spot and depart from there?

  12. Did I miss the section about the dates? I fit all of the parts, am extremely interested, and could start in May then I have no end date. I will be graduating from University of Michigan in Art and Design at the end of April and have great experience with writing, other cultures, photography, and video editing. I’d really like to do this if it’s in the summer :)

  13. This sounds fucking amazing. I can’t wait to see the whole thing after it’s done.
    I would kill to do the photography part but i’ll have to wait another 2 years.
    You guys gotta do this again in couple of years.

  14. Oh, man this sounds like great fun! Unfortinately(for me and no one else) there is a couple of criterias I don’t meet. But I won’t cry about it. This fall is the start of my next level in life anyways; travelling the world! I’m really looking forward to see the differences in bodymodification in different places of the world, so your project sounds like alot of fun :D

    Anyways. You guys gotta have a lot of fun and the best of luck to all who apply!

  15. Hey guys, please please please read the post! I went to the trouble of writing this out and it would really help if you read it. I know it’s long but it’s worth it.

    I’ll answer the questions anyway because I’m like that.

    I will be supplying the following: laptop (though I would prefer if you have/bring your own because all you’ll get from me is a 200 dollar super basic eepc so you can blog online. I don’t know if you can load Photoshop or anything on them since they’re so basic. I’ll be supplying Canon SD780 Powershots because I love them. We’ll all have something like a Flip Cam because they’re super inexpensive.

    The “Photographer” will be able to bring their own nicer DSLR because if they’re a photographer they should already have something like this. I have a nikon d2x though. The video guy would in theory have his own HD prosumer camera but in the case that they don’t, I’ll beg borrow or steal one. What would really be awesome would be if we got sponsorship from one of the camera companies.

    Dates: I need to be home by mid June (or go home and pick up my daughter and bring her out with us while we finish up the tour!). Once I get it sorted out I’ll be able to figure out exactly when we need to leave by. I’ve been trying to look at band tours and see how they schedule them. Usually they’re like 6 weeks in Europe (with a couple dates in Asia) and then 6 weeks in Asia/Australia/NZ. I don’t want to be rushed but this will be very much like a band tour. We’ll be working or getting ourselves from point A-B. I don’t know what makes more sense, taking the train or flying around Europe or renting an RV/Big Van.

    Think of this as us being a small hardcore band. We’re trying to make our tour on a limited budget while covering as much ground and getting our name out there as much as possible.

    I’ll need to bring things like tshirts/stickets/other swag as well as having it sent out to us when we’re on the road. Whoever becomes the tour coordinator is going to have to have their shit together. That’s why I also left one extra spot open so there is someone that can snap photos, write about the trip, hold a video camera but their primary focus will be on keeping us on track. We’ll have a “tour manager” on the road with us as well as someone helping to coordinate our efforts from home.

  16. i have a Canon DSLR rebel X2 and three lenses and a Canon REBEL X2(fillm) and Canon power shot digital camera

  17. when you are talking about being on for 2 weeks does that mean out of the entire trip or do accept people for a short amount of time.

  18. i don´t have drivers licence yet :( but all the rest i do and it would be an awsome oportuniti for me as a journalist writer
    will you do this contest again next year?

  19. I would love to do this … I have the time and the im old enough but unfortunatly im not versed in any of those fields :(
    would be amazing though.

  20. Rachel – I have a photography internship in LA from March til May 10… I know that you said you would be leaving at the beginning of April. If I applied and were lucky enough to win, would I be able to catch up with you after my photo internship? (Please say yes?) :)

  21. have you considered the carbon emissions something like this causes?
    or is that kind of thing irrelevant?

    oh wait, let me guess. “the planes will be flying anyway, whether we’re on them or not!”

  22. I’ve already filled out my application! Can’t wait to get my video done and submitted. This has me so very very excited, and what a wonderful opportunity that you’re giving people the chance to partake in! The competition will be fierce, I’m sure, but I’m up for it! Good luck to everyone who applies! It’d be so nice to meet and travel with y’all!

  23. I don’t understand why it’s not clear but I’ve gotten a bunch of great applications that are missing the audition video. That’s an immediate fail. You’ll have an email from me with the copy and paste of the audition video requirements. Please don’t submit without your video!

    I’ve reduced the drivers license requirements and updated the post.

    K: Seriously? 5 people traveling on a shoe string budget are not going to do anywhere near the carbon emissions that a HUGE tour of a band would cause. I don’t even know why you felt the need to bring that up.

    Kelly: The minimum amount you have to be able to contribute is two weeks on the tour. In the event that I can’t get enough people to cover the entire trip, I’ll be mixing and matching to make sure I have enough people.

    There is also a chance that someone will come on the trip and need to leave so there will be a group notified that they are potential alternates and to be ready to meet up with us on the trip.

    Since I’ve been asked, there are no citizenship requirements! As long as you meet the other requirements you’re welcome to apply and join us in making Body Mod history!

  24. Looks like fun. Wish I met the age requirement! Can I submit without a video attached? And why aren’t you going to Zimbabwe? I <3 Zimbabwe!

    More serious note, if you’re hitting any conventions, lemme know so we can meet up =)


    .: Adam

  25. Rachel,

    It depends on where you are in Europe but flying around is faster and will cost you about the same for longer distances:

    Also, there are tons of Budget Buslines now, here are a couple:

    Then again, if you all rent a van, it may be cheaper when you add up the costs and it’s much less restricting.

    If you decide to come to Hungary, I can help your “tour manager” find tattoo shops and get around, since I live here and speak Hungarian. If my help is needed email me: [email protected]

  26. FUUUUUCK WHY DO I HAVE TO BE IN SCHOOL. As a 21 year old photography student, this sounds absolutely amazing. Fuck fuck fuck fuck, if it were a month later, I’d be all set for it :(

  27. a few things, will photographers need to bring their own lighting equipment?
    how much will we need to bring (lighting wise)?
    and is having an IAM profile, vitally important?

  28. Antes que nadad reciban un saludos amigos de bme mi nombre es Daniel Becker vivo en Venezuela soy artista corporal estoy interesado en participar en su concurso : además tengo un proyecto que quisiera fusionarlo con el de ustedes yo estoy organizando un evento denominado expoart 2010 que será a mediados de este año que se realizara en una carpa de 750 mt2 y quiero hacer una franquicia que se llame expoart y viajar por todo el mundo quisiera unirme abm tengo un evento de suspensión el 27 de febrero vértigo suspensión mi edad es 23 años

  29. Adam: What do you mean you don’t meet the age requirement? You’re over 18 silly!!

    Everyone, even people that I know, have to submit a video attachment. I know you and I have traveled together in the past and we’re like those people in Up in the Air when it comes to comparing frequent flyer status but I’m not making any exceptions for anyone on the requirements for the application! You have to submit a video audition!

    I’m definitely going to hit up some conventions so I’m sure we’ll meet up at some point!

  30. Hey Rachel,

    If you come to Auckland, New Zealand, I would almost definately be able to provide/find a very free/cheap place to crash, free/very cheap transport and I know plenty of studios to visit and modified friends to chat to. And I also know my city like the back of my hand.
    If you end up coming here it would be a pleasure to assist your tour group in any way I can.
    Let me know if I can help,

    Hannah :)

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  32. I know this is a long shot, but is there any way the applicant can be under 18? ill be 17 on May 1, and I really think I could do this! i meet every other requirement.

  33. Sydney: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I be taking anyone with me who is under 18. The issues surrounding the age requirement should be pretty clear.

  34. damn i wish i didn’t have to work all the time to pay the bills, otherwise i’d totally apply….stupid responsibilities

  35. Gah.
    Hate being a year under legality!
    I shoot tonnes.

    Hope the tour goes well.
    Can’t wait to read, watch and see it on media.

    Also, check out Polymorph, in Newtown if you’re travelling to Sydney, it’s incredible.

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  37. Just submitted my application, was cutting it a bit close to the deadline but I got it done! I also posted the YouTube video on my IAM page. Good luck to everyone who has applied! What an amazing opportunity.

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  42. dont go to auckland in nz it sucks body mod wise christchurch is where its at

  43. Oh. Man. I wish I was any good at applications. This is such an opportunity for anyone!
    There’s no way I’d be chosen. So I wish everyone who applies the best of luck!
    If the intern has already been chosen, then well done to them. I cannot explain my jealousy!

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