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What’s that you say? I can have my portrait painted and help BME at the same time? Tell me more! That’s right readers, our very Tristan, who you may remember from such posts as this one, has sent us the following:

A portrait of Robin Henry-Wilson
11 x 14
oil on board

I finished this painting in under 20 hours; record shattering speed for me. I’ve never painted someone while they were around to watch the progress or even stand over my shoulder. It was surreal. I loved watching the look on her face as she’d run by and point, “that’s me!”

I’m donating my time to help the BME Legal Defense Fund. For $200 + s/h, I’ll paint a 9″ x 12″ portrait from a photo. 100% of that $200 goes to the BME Legal Defense Fund and you keep the original painting.

I understand money is tight right now for everyone so this is a test. I’m doing one painting on a first come first serve basis. After that painting is complete, If others would like to participate I’ll paint more. If you have any questions please email me at thewhiteleaf at gmail dot com.

You can see more of Tristan’s stunning work at his website. IAM members can contact him directly through his IAM page. Non-IAM members can use the email listed above or through his website.

Don’t forget, BME’s Internship 2.0 applications need to be in by Saturday (my birthday, you know)! Keep those applications coming.

9 thoughts on “Paint me a picture

  1. I love Tristan! Just shows how much of a huge heart he has to donate his time and work to BME. He’s always an inspiration for me to want to produce more art.

  2. Wow! That is an incredible price for a painting commission, let alone for someone of his skills! If I didn’t have bills I would do it in a heartbeat.

  3. Tristan is fantastic. He did a portrait of me that is hanging in my house. I think that if my house caught fire and I could only save one thing, it would be that painting. I would definitely recommend that somebody jumps on this, as $200 for such a thing is a STEAL. 🙂

  4. This is an awesome deal!!

    Good time to post it up, too– it being tax season and all. Maybe I’ll have enough money left over to get someone a nice gift… This price is amazing!

  5. makes me think what else we as a community can do to support BME. ive been tattooing for 6 years, and an avid BME follower for about 8 or 9 years. i would glady donate my time and supplies to do some tattoos to raise money for the legal defense fund, or even just to help keep the site going. have any of you staff though about doing some sort of tattoo/piercing/modification fundraiser/festival thing? im sure im not the only one in the community who would be willing to help…

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