Watch out Lizardman, here comes Snake Woman!

I guess our buddy The Lizardman does’t need to feel threatened, because obviously her “transformation” is less permanent than his, but it makes for a cool photo none the less.


When she is not made up as Snake Woman, she goes by Rachie Tartz. The tongue split was done by Howie and the photo was taken by Glen Tuttle.

24 thoughts on “Watch out Lizardman, here comes Snake Woman!

  1. wow she is so cool! love it!

    I have a question about split tongue, does it affect your speech? I mean the way you talk? Have notices friends who had their tongues pierced, sometimes you can hear a difference, its like they make the lisp sound now. Is this common in tongue splitting?

  2. #2 My piercing affected my speech much more than my split. So long as the split is done correctly, and it heals correctly, it probably wouldn’t impact your speech enough for other people to notice; although, you would notice a slight difference.


  4. @colin, really thats all you have to moan about? on a post that has NOTHING to do with BME’s updates? go out side for a bit, its only a front page.

  5. @10, if everything goes well, the new BME will be released tomorrow. Then everything will update more regularly, but really is it that big of a deal?

    @Smurf….Tuttle, not turtle, but close!

  6. @Isa – My speech has only been effected slightly since the split. Sometimes I notice more of a lisp and other times, I can’t even hear it at all! 🙂

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