Remember when 2 inches seemed ridiculously huge?

I remember back in the early 21st century, when 1 inch ears seemed huge and 2 inch one’s were extremely rare.  Now it seems 2 inch ears are “common”, well at least in bod mod circles.People have also taken to stretching other piercings to 2 inches and beyond and this becomes more and more common in our little world.


Take for instance Gandy’s 2 inch transcrotal. Where most people choose to go front to back with their T/S’. Gandy chose to go sideways with his. This placement seems like a good idea to me, as it would appear to rest far more comfortably than the traditional transscrotals, that would bump into his thighs if stretched to this size.


Gandy had this to say about his transscrotal:

These are my balls, everything was done by Quentin at Kalima, Worthing, U.K. my transscrotal being the 1st, started at 20mm, and worked up to 2 inches, my goal size. The lower ones are 6mm and 4mm, and the top one is 1.6mm. I also made the jewellery for the transscrotal.

I know im hairy, so it would also wind up the people who choose to comment on everything other then the mod/s being posted, should be a giggle.

So all you body hair phobic Modbloggers, feel free to tell him to shave, he could use a good giggle.

PS: I’d like to thank, Gandy for emailing me this submission while is being renovated (and therefore less updated) and remind the rest of you, if you have any suggestions for Modblog post, feel free to use the “email this author link” next to my photo below this post.

59 thoughts on “Remember when 2 inches seemed ridiculously huge?

  1. hairy ppl FTW!!

    that looks beautiful, i wish i had the balls (hehe) to pierce/stretch my own….


    siren, im not sure what you mean? its made alot of things move and crowded up, word it again and i’ll see if i can tell you :)

  3. It does look cool, but if I were a dude I’d be terrified of the possibilities that such crowding could cause health issues in the future. But I am not a dude, so more power to you.

  4. it hasnt seamed to have much any difference, the TS sits quite forward and lets my testicals sit failry normaly, i would have thought a normal front to back would have moved testicles more then this one has but i cant say for sure.

  5. Oi Andy, mind if I nick this so I can show the guys at work? They don’t think such a thing is possible.

  6. baaah go shave for god’s sake. haha. but no seriously. usually i’m not a big fan of streched anything below the belt but i just love this. pretty hot. :]

  7. maark thats fine, just dont text me 4 am again asking me if i shit thorugh my balls bacuse “the guys at” wondered :D

  8. Wow, looking good Gandy! Not usually a massive fan of scrotal piercings but that looks totally awesome! Makes me wish I had a pair of danglers too!

  9. I have this urge to stick my fingers thru it and wiggle them, just bcos i could lol
    It does look rather cool

  10. Gandy, if you could get a giant cannister style plug, youd never have to carry a wallet on a night out again

  11. lol its funny you should say that sunako, i have thought about making one, but atm i lack the money to buy much ATM one day tho :)

  12. Oi Andy, I have one of those desk things with the spinning track that blobs of stuff go down. Bet you could fit that through it…

  13. One thing I’ve always wondered about this type of mod. If you take out the plug, are your testicles exposed, or is the scrotum sealed in some way?

    Looks cool btw.

  14. in and of itself this is highly impressive, but MORESO because i can’t help but think this creates a fucking huge “outline” through jeans. swagger on, my friend.

  15. Good stuff sir, as Pearl has often reiterated, them’s some fine nads.
    Not that she talks about them constantly, it’s just I don’t know anyone else with a scrunnel..

  16. @anthony, yes i do get an outline, kinda looks funny, sometimes it looks as if i have a small stiffy going on :D

    thanks for all the nice comments guys, was hoping the silly people would make funny comments on the fluff,guess im ganna have to get my giggles elsewhere

  17. Shave your balls, dat shits groosss!!

    just kidding. I love Gandy’s balls.
    But mostly him and his sense of humor.

  18. Nice mod ! A scalpel through a scrotum is something funny :-p ( I posted something similar some months ago ;) mine is less ‘deep’…something like a Deep-scrotal ;) ).

  19. The hair threw me off! I thought it might be an ear!

    (Repeat after self: It’s always a penis. It’s always a penis)

  20. Nice one Andy!

    Don’t listen to all these people about shaving! Do it with fire >:P

    I’ve always thought this must give you a most impressive bulge haha.

  21. That’s just the nature of body modification I guess. A big part of it is pushing your body as far as possible, and the body can obviously be pushed in extreme ways and adapt. It’ll be interesting to see what people are doing 5, 10, 20 years down the road. Probably shit most people would never even dream about right now.

  22. i dont do drugs………

    be sides i could think if a 100 better things to put in a huge ass canister plug then drugs.

  23. I was being facetious, and so can I. Condoms being something else funny that popped into my mind that one could put into a 2inch canister plug in your scrotum. But hey, regardless of the things you could carry, it looks good!

  24. no shame in pubes. quite the opposite actually but that’s beside the point. i think this looks cool as shit and, unexpectedly, really hot. wish we had a view of the whole region to see how it looks altogether. no imagination i got.

  25. wow, that looks amazing! I’d love to see what the process is around how you actually pierce it, let alone stretch it? Fascinating!

  26. nice on gandy
    #oh what made you and quent go for the less common possistioning of sideways rather than the regular front to back style like mine?

  27. I wanna put my balls in those balls. Everytime I see big sack tunnels it plants the idea deeper and deeper into my mind… so this actually passes ‘through’ the sack? Otherwise its not a transscrotal right?

  28. mat, because its what i saw in my mind, a normal trans wasnt for me. started off by wanting a ladder of 3.2mm piercings then the idea hit me.

    im lost by what you mean, its done the very same way as a transscrotal, everything is the same only its not going front to back, but side to side, so still a transscrotal.

  29. I always wished to have some genital piercing stretched, but i have a question, what about the pants, doesnt it hurt when you use tighter pants? Thx

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