Voila! Non-modded Ala!

I am sure you guys remember Ala’s recent Modblog post, it was definitely one of the cooler and more controversial post I have had the honor or being able to post. Well in case anyone was wondering what Ala may have looked like sans modification a friend of hers has done some amazing photo editing to show just that as a school project.


Thanks again to Roo, aka “that creep guy” (according to one Modblog commenter) that has been stuck as the main image on BME’s main page during the transition to the new site lay out. After being a Modblog author for quite a while himself, he still takes the time to submit images and stories for me to post, and I truly appreciate it.

37 thoughts on “Voila! Non-modded Ala!

  1. This is the first time on the internet I’ve been able to say “this does NOT look shopped” on a manipulated photo! Very good work!

  2. Either way she’s gorgeous, but I prefer the latter. It could be the hair and veil throwing me off though.

  3. I think she is a lot prettier in the second photo haha not cause she is has no piercings, but because her hair looks nice and there is no stupid veil.

  4. Just an FYI. I’ve been trying to update the site for 2 days. The upload keeps getting corrupted and we’re trying to resolve it.

  5. yeh it’s not my favourite photo (with bad hair and all hah) plus it’s pretty old, but well, she picked that one. I think she did a good job, and I’m not surprised second photo looks better, given that it was created in photoshop..
    i am happy with my look though, i may not be perfect, but i wouldn’t change my face for nothing.

  6. I have to agree that the hair is making it hard to really compare the two looks, just because I much prefer the hair in the second photo. It completely changes her hairline, which in turn changes her the shape of her face. It’s hard to tell if her mods suit her, because the veil is sort of distracting. In the other post, I thought they were a little more flattering so it’s probably just the picture. She’s beautiful either way. So, I know it’s photoshopped, but her skin is beautiful. Has the first photo been photoshopped too? It’s just so flawlessly clear. Color me jealous :)

  7. I think she looks better in the second shot but only because you can see her beautiful eyes and in the first one you can’t see them as clearly. hair does look lovely too tho. :)

  8. yeh it’s not my favourite photo (with bad hair and all hah), plus it’s pretty old, but well, she picked that one. I think she did a good job, and I’m not surprised the second picture looks better, given that it was created in photoshop..
    i am happy with my look though, i may not be perfect, but i wouldn’t change my face for nothing.

  9. Personally, I love her with the mods. Being a girl who is into body mod I understand how harsh people’s comments about your personal choices can be. I’m glad she does what she wants and can be herself! And it’s also really brave of Ala to let herself be openly criticized (one way or the other) on this forum. let’s be nice ladies and gents and remember Ala is a person. And to Ala, you are GORGEOUS! no matter what.

  10. It’s not just the hair or lack of veil in the after shot (although they do look better — the veil is especially distracting), or even the general fact that it’s photoshopped. It’s not the tattoos, either. It’s the facial piercings. For me this really underscores how facial modifications often seem to take over the person’s face; they almost make it disappear behind whatever the mod is. Ala is quite beautiful, but I wouldn’t have thought so if I’d only seen the before photo, because the wacky hair, the veil, the tattoos, piercings and jewellery are all distractions that draw your focus away from the person’s face.

  11. i don;t think the piercings come into it; they could be on the second picture and we’d still be saying the same thing re hair and veil.

  12. I think with or without mods Ala is beautiful =)

    I also believe there are a number of reasons people may prefer the second image – and it’s entirely to do with the changes made other than the removal of the mods and new hairstyle.

    The airbrushing effect has lessened or gotten rid of some of the shadows and natural lines of her face and neck, giving a more even and flawless skintone. This automatically tunes into our media-trained perception of youthful glowing beauty.

    Where in the first her mouth looks slightly downturned, the edits in the photoshop version have changed the shadow and evened out some of the natural lines – giving a more upturned effect. A hint of a smile in the muscles of the face can make a world of difference to a person’s perception of a photograph ^^

    Also if you look at her eyes in the first there is more natural shadow under them, whereas it has been removed from the second – waking her eyes up a little and again a small touch younger.

    The veil (which I like actually XD Though I’m the only one?!) causes some shadow on the brow bone which helps make the eyes seem slightly smaller, whereas again in the photoshop image the brow bones are much lighter. Also, one dot on the veil gives the illusion of her right brow being extended down towards her nose, again closing off the eye and giving an impression of frowning.

    The left of her face has been slimmed down, the jawline extended a little on the right – the curve of her jaw is much closer to her ear in the second image. Her skin seems much lighter in the second than the first. Again tuning into our media-trained percetions, her hair doesn’t look as healthy in the first as the second – which the way it falls in the original is natural for the style, we’re all someone keyed into the fuller, shinier look that shampoo adverts scream at us every time we turn on the TV.

    So… I suppose what I’m trying to say is that much more than the mods being removed has been done to make the second image more appealing to our subconcious mind and we’re all falling for it ;)

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  14. I think she’s beautiful regardless, and the veil isn’t technically part of her but the rest of her in the original is fine by me–though it is interesting to see what impact subtle changes can have through altering a photo

  15. She’s beautiful either way, but I would personally have the modded version w| the long hair. ><

  16. I don’t understand all these comments about how she looks better, as the person above me states, “all cleaned up”. Where exactly do you people think you are? This is modblog. If you don’t like chicks with modifications, why are you here?

    That said, I like the before picture better myself, but maybe I’m biased considering I have quite a few facial piercings myself, or maybe it’s just because she’s very attractive.

  17. Lamb….I’ve been a professional piercer for over 12 years, and i like girls with modifications too. When i look at those two pictures, the one on the right is much more attractive to me, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In my opinion, having modifications doesn’t make you hotter. Some peoples modifications improver their external image, and some don’t…..(imo)

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