Pow! Right to the moon!

I had yet another brutal day at the hospital — it seems that’s the one part of my life I can never catch a break on, but my life is one of extremes, most of them good, so perhaps this is some sort of cosmic balance in action. Anyway, Paige sent me this picture which is very much brightening my day.

If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, well, have you ever seen one of those cheezy action-kung-fu movies where some Ricki-oh wannabe punches their opponent so hard through the chest that they can do the ol’ “proudly clutching the still-beating-heart Aztec sacrifice” trick on the way out? Anyway, in the story of Saiga Paige-Oh, Kev takes one hell of a penetrating blow to the nutsack — BAM! Quarter inch to the right, and he’d never be able to have kids. Half inch to the left, and his testicles would be on the moon right now.

Click to uncensor
Click to uncensor

But seriously, Kev’s transscrotal was originally cut to 7/16″ by Matt Vermillion in December of 2011 — Paige instantly remembered the date because it was the day after she had her own circles of tissue excised, a much less threatening pair of punched flats. Scrotums, whether it’s the whole thing or a piercing, are some of the stretchiest tissue on the body, and since healing it he’s stretched it up to about two inches in diameter. Perfect for all sorts of hilarious insertions!

A perfect fit

One aspect of modification that we don’t talk about a lot is the setting of goals.  Often we focus on pushing the limits, as that can yield some incredible results.  However for most of us, setting a goal and working towards it is a key element in our journey to reshape our bodies.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that one member of the community has just hit a goal that he set some time ago.  Kev_n has finally reached his goal size for his transscrotal, and although he neglected to mention the specific size, it’s clear that he’s been stretching it for a while.

Yeah, even with the blurring it’s still painfully obvious what the image is of, but you’ll still have to read ahead to see the unblurred version.

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The Secret Handshake

It’s been a couple weeks since the 2011 Dallas SusCon, and the photos are starting to trickle in.  Mark from Naked Lens Photography was on hand all weekend documenting every suspension.  But before any of the suspensions started a small business matter needed to be conducted.  Allen and the owner of the building needed to perform the secret handshake for the event to get under way.

What is the secret handshake you ask?

You might recognize the man with the massive transscrotal as Andrew from Swing Shift Side Show.  Later in the week he would go on to do the incredible facial suspension.

I know someone told me the exact size of his transscrotal on the weekend, but I can’t seem to recall it right now, so lets just leave it as, it’s freaking huge.

An excellent use of tools

The last time we saw Lucass he was demonstrating the single greatest idea to prevent you from losing your keys.  By popular demand he’s sent in a new photo of his transscrotal tube sans accoutrement.  Instead he’s opted for a simple and elegant tube to show off his impressive stretching.

Of course to see this tool free, you’ll have to keep on reading.

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Have you ever lost your keys?

Ever have one of those days where you’re in a rush to get out the door and you can’t find your keys?  You’re already running late and no matter where you look your keys just can’t be found?  Of course after 20 minutes of looking they’ll turn up in the most obvious of places, like in your pocket, or hanging next to the door.

Well, IAM: Lucass probably had that happen to him one too many times so he figured out a way to never lose his keys again.  Of course, this being BME, he didn’t just stop at his keys.

Thought it would be funny to hang stuff from my transscrotal. Yes that’s an Alarm clock, Wii Controller, Flip-camera, two box cutters, and some keys.  –Lucass


Keep reading to see the unfiltered image.

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Remember when 2 inches seemed ridiculously huge?

I remember back in the early 21st century, when 1 inch ears seemed huge and 2 inch one’s were extremely rare.  Now it seems 2 inch ears are “common”, well at least in bod mod circles.People have also taken to stretching other piercings to 2 inches and beyond and this becomes more and more common in our little world.


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The missing link

A lot of the time when you hear about the missing link in the evolutionary chain we think of monkeys, or in terms of taste/skin texture, pigs.

I present to you, the audience, the argument that we are, in fact, closer to cows. And here is proof. In the first image we see a cow with a hole punched into its side.


And, after the break, photo evidence of people living with similar holes in their bodies.

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