Videos? You betcha!

Ok folks, here are some more audition videos.  I can’t believe the amount that poured in, it’s truly awesome.  I’m currently “away”, staying with some friends and can’t even get proper cell phone reception here.  Thankfully they’re geeks too so being online wasn’t an issue!  This is just a random selection of videos I’ve pulled from the pile of hopefuls.  I wanted to thank all of the people who have taken the effort to send in applications and videos, you’ve definitely made this hard for us.  Enjoy!

More videos after the jump!

43 thoughts on “Videos? You betcha!

  1. I’ve given Rachel my opinion/short list. We haven’t really been able to talk so I’m not sure. Hopefully they won’t be announced before I get home tomorrow! 🙂

  2. A majority of us have had needles stuck into our skin in one form or another. One could say we have….thick skin?

    That was bad, I’m sorry.

  3. Of the videos I’ve seen, there really have been some great applicants. I hope we get to see the videos of the winners!

  4. I dont know, I am buggin also. I am checking this thing religiously…. PLEASE PICK ME. Please… please..

  5. Video #4 Internship fer sure! How radicals, she made me actually watch her whole video. The best so far! Cutecute yeh.

  6. I watched the whole video of #4 too without even realizing, but i don’t feel like all she said was quite that relevant. It was a nice clip, but there was certainly a fair amount of “nonsense” there. Then again maybe it’s more important to get a picture of what the person’s like through the videos and leave the more specific stuff to the written form. But i’ve enjoyed watching these, can’t wait to hear the results.

  7. I have to say I really enjoyed Timothys – He seems well-spoken, worldly, familiar with travel, about everything you’d be looking for in a writer

  8. 16 Linda, I agree with you there, but nonsense is radicals. Yeh that’s my opinion. If I were to judge this, I wouldn’t be very interested in learning what the auditioners eat for breakfast or if they have a dog. I’d be very interested in >how< they say it and their way with words however, and try to figure out their personalities. After all, I personally wouldn’t stand travelling the world with someone without a sense of humor. Ok it’s good to know if they have any exp in writing or holding a camera, but facial expressions will tell that. Yes!

  9. #24. I did indeed get my throat tattooed before I finished my sleeves. Its a religious thing. Its a meditation mantra. Meant to be kept in your throat. It in no way affects my writing ability. Its even a bad ass tattoo besides.

  10. Oh lawdy, that Megan girl is someone I would love to know… but I’m not sure her video was relevant to the internship.

  11. Ed – I’ve literally just gone and randomly pulled links. We’ve had tons of applications. The ones I posted are not a reflection of how good we think they are, or how bad, or anything else, they’re just completely random selections.

    Ari – Nope.

    Jake – I’m sure Sean will have some posts for you soon. As I said previously, I was away all weekend, I only got home tonight and Rachel has asked me to post more audition videos for her, so sorry to be the bearer of bad news there but I haven’t got much time for anything else right now. I wish I did, but I don’t.

  12. Ed – Ha, just saw what the video was. See, I already made a video for Rachel about why she should pick me but I made sure no one else saw it. 🙂

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