17 thoughts on “Pugs Not Thugs

  1. Do all these posts mean the new BME is up? I certainly hope so, I understand everyone’s been busy with the world tour and with updating the site which I know in the long run is good for all of us but the lack of modblog sucked furious amounts of balls.

  2. Dammit. Here I am thinking a chinchilla was a dog. Fail…. I misread chinchilla as chiwawawaw (exaggeration was needed)!

  3. As a fellow pug owner and owner of a pug tattoo as well, HUGE thumbs up.

    Brightened my day. <3

  4. Awe thanks guys I’m curious to figure out who found it and how they knew who did it but thanks i thought it was clever.

  5. That is just way too cute!
    I really want a pug…when I can afford one.
    Maybe I should just get a tiny one tattooed on me for now!lol

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