Matthew’s March Mustache Madness Modblog

Try saying that 10 times fast!

If any man on IAM can inspire beard envy, it’s iam. matthew. Not only does he have a beard of epic proportions, but at the time of this picture, he had only 4 1/2 month of growth involved! As most of us know, no true beard is complete without a mustache (Sorry Abe Lincoln) and it is the killer swirl of hair upon his upper lip that has qualified him for this month’s special feature. The 1-3/8″ lobes, 12g medusa, 14g lip, and 10g nostril add to the qualifications.


If you can not grow a mustache, or for whatever reason you choose not to grow a mustache but you still want a way to add to you appearance, I suggest hitting up the 30% off sale on BMEshop! Use the coupon code “worldtour” to get 30% on EVERYTHING except for needles, punches and anesthetics. Everything else is on sale though from Tshirts to Prints and Books, DVD’s to every kind of jewelry we have in stock!

46 thoughts on “Matthew’s March Mustache Madness Modblog

  1. That is the most glorious facial hair I have ever seen.
    I only envy men because they can have kick ass mustaches.

  2. =/

    BMEShop always only has like one or two colors of Kaos eyelets in my size when they’re on sale. Darn being cheap.

  3. Hahahaha, I love the tag.. ‘Hearty beards’.
    That is some amazing facial hair growth you have their my man, I envy you!
    Myself being three quarts Native American, I have difficulties growing facial hair.. Just imagine what Keanu Reeves’(?) facial hair looks like… That’s precisely me in all my glory!

  4. this is a crazy picture, love the frizzy beard and the captive stare from the eyes are great.

  5. OMG 4 an a half months!? dude thats epic….all I can manage is a bad teen spotting growth…though If I tried to grow anything it would cover my facial

    but damn if that is not some kind of awesome fuzziness…I want to stroke it…

  6. That man has a perfect nose, omg..

    Men with giant beards always make me wonder what they look like without them.

  7. Oh my, hello gorgeous.
    I want to stroke it, maybe braid it.
    The only reason I would ever want to have been born as a man, would be to grow a beard and mustache like his.

  8. I love the mustache. I know it’s not a mod, but it’s the best thing in this pic 😀

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