March Mustache Madness

To celebrate March Mustache Madness, I will be doing my best to feature as many modified people with stellar mustaches as possible this month. Ladies, you don’t need to feel left out, skip the upper lip waxing for a few weeks or sport a fake stache, either way, this is an equal opportunity feature.

To start things off we have this dapper young fellow with stretched lobes, 1/2″ side lip piercings and most importantly a mustache!


Got any mustachioed pictures worthy of Modblog? Feel free to email them to me using the link next to my picture below this post or send me a message  on IAM.

13 thoughts on “March Mustache Madness

  1. why dont you put some fresh pictures to the main folders of bmezine???no fresh stuffs on the site for a long time ago. too long time ago.

  2. @2, they’re kind of busy trying to overhaul the whole website. Patience is a virtue, bro. Or sis. Whatever.

  3. my old stache kept turning my face into corned beef, for some reason :(

  4. Zagy: “Please note that BME is being updated regularly but that the main page is not being updated to correspond with the updates we are doing.”

    That’s off the FRONT PAGE

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