“it smells like a turd covered in burnt hair!”

I had to steal the title for this post directly from xomateos’s diary entry about the procedure. How could I possibly come up with a better title than that?

Anyhow, xomateo originally had these scars cut/removed by the talented John Joyce. A year later he had his lovely koala go back over the scars with a cautery pen to retouch the scar and hopefully kill off the follicles that regrew. This was her first time using a cautery pen and it looks like she did a damn fine job!

Apparently they plan to make these scars a yearly tradition. I suggested next year they try cold branding, because if it doesn’t kill the follicles it will likely make them grow in white and that is cool all in and of itself! So we shall see what 2011 and on brings for Mateo’s head!


For a few more shots of the procedure and finished result, keep on keeping on.




I bought my very first cautery pen from BME Shop several years ago. They don’t sell them anymore, but they do sell a TON of other rad stuff for the body mod aficionado or DIY modder. Rachel has extended the 30% off sale at BME shop  until April 6th! It is good for everything but anesthetics, scalpels and dermal punches and all you have to do to take advantage of this is use the coupon code “worldtour” when ordering!

21 thoughts on ““it smells like a turd covered in burnt hair!”

  1. I love it. Actually i like all his mods, it looks like there’s thought put into them, they suit him.

  2. Wow, handsome guy with really nice mods, he can pull off those nose plugs (most people I’ve ran across couldn’t), but I kind of feel sorry for his ears. Too many holes :(

  3. Just out of curiosity – how big are his lobes? Also, I’m a big fan of the stretched nostrils, not many people can pull them off.

  4. looks awesome…I cant wait to see it healed up! all his facial jewelry looks great on him i love the lip plug!

  5. What’s going on with his ears exactly? It looks like he’s had his anti tragi removed? Whatever it is it looks awesome.

  6. cooool :)
    nah ive seen pics of this guy and he always has his hair like that.
    i can tell he used to have the snakebites stretched? am i right?

  7. no tripppas: Yes, I would say his snakebites were stretched, not sure if he’s downsizing still but those are definitely larger than normal still I’d say 10g.

    OT: love his lobes… everything seems to fit him perfectly, a lot better than some people I’ve seen that just get piercings willy nilly.

  8. He’s beautiful! && i also love those concave nostril plugs they look really nice

  9. will he always keep his hair like that? i wonder what it will look like if he decides to grow out his hair.

  10. *high five* i wimped out halfway through my branding. it smelled more like burning corn-nuts to me though. mine was on my thigh… i can’t imagine the delicate scalp skin! eep!

  11. thank you for all of the positive comments. its nice to see modblog isnt being frequented by opinionated twats.

    to answer the questions posted above….

    yes i have worn my hair like this for over a year and i plan to continue this annual tradition of bloodletting/branding.

    my “snakebites” were stretched from 16g to 9mm and then cut to 13mm. after 3 years they are still roughly 4g-2g….

    my ear lobes are a loose 2 3/8ths”. and you are correct i had my anti tragi removed as well as part of my lower conch/snug… maasai men and women have a similar procedure and i find their aesthetic very very appealing.

    the nostril jewelry was made by marea vedge of aesthetics. thanks marea!

    and my nostrils werent punched. they were pierced at 8g and stretched to 10mm.

    thanks guys! ill be sure to post healed photos…

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