Love Bites

A client of Matte’s brought him a dental impression of his wife’s teeth and Matte did the scarification piece based on that. As far as the intentionally created scars that look like wounds go, this is one of my favorites so far. I really like the authenticity of using the clients wife’s actual teeth pattern.


For a healing picture of this scar AND a scar done by actual bite marks, keep on keeping on.


I am sure you guys remember Ala from this post, or one of her many other post. You probably also remember Roo, who served his time as a Modblog author before me. Well, this loving couple has earned another spot on Modblog with this “bite mark”  heart piece Ala did on Roo. Because that’s what Roo needs, more hearts.


14 thoughts on “Love Bites

  1. I’ve had this idea for the longest time (planned for my collar bone), I can’t wait to get this done!

  2. Just to clarify, Ala made this with suction power alone!

    It’s a heart made from love bites (or as some funny folks like to call them – hickeys).

    Three cheers for Ala’s mouth. Hip hip..

  3. I’m loving the scarification! it’s a nice idea,reminds me of the scar I have on my hand from when my sister bit me when I was little :)

  4. love this, i’ve wanted to get a zombie bite tattoo, but i’m thinking i would like it as a scar even better.

  5. I am the bite mark I have submited the photos that I have to the site. If you wanted to post the pics of the Scarification process that Matte had done.

  6. Omg coolest scarification ever! I bet a million people will look at it and ask “Omg who bit you?!?!” lmao

  7. I’m usually one to criticize fake injury scarification but this one is very sentimental and personal, rather then going for the “super badass” kind of thing, so I like it. Very cool.

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