Mike’s Mustache Madness

My last March Mustache Madness post was titled “Mustaches are not just for drunkards”, seeing as how sxe rob, is straight edge.

Well Mike here is the yin to Rob’s yang as he shows off his stellar stache as some friends and him are “enjoying a Kwak together at one of our ‘Drinking Skeptically’ events in Los Angeles”.


20 thoughts on “Mike’s Mustache Madness

  1. Do you have to fill out office brackets for Mustache Madness as well? ¬_¬

  2. Do you have to fill out office brackets for Mustache Madness as well? ¬_¬

  3. @vern , kwak is indeed a good beer , but u gotta try the other beers of that brewery if u can get a hand on one …

    srry but i’m such a beergeek :p , cool mustache !

  4. I ordered one of those kwak glasses online after drinking it in Amsterdam. Its good to know im not the only one who appreciates it.

  5. those crazy cups preduce a “kwak” sound whenever you get to finishing your drink because of the shape

  6. t; no. the glass was made to not spill in a horse carriage

    Dean; most annoying person to post on modblog, still goes to you! Congrats!

    B; grow a mustache!

  7. yes, we’re definitely in need of more updates :D
    …and while we’re requesting things, can we bring back that roundtable discussion feature that jordan (i think?) used to do? it was really interesting. news clips once a week are just not interesting enough anymore :/

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