Luck of the Irish to you.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and today everyone has a little luck of the Irish. However, if it wasn’t St. Pattie’s day and you wanted a little Irish luck inside of you, this would be one way of achieving that!


Thanks Stembot, for pointing out this very holiday appropriate tattoo done by her boyfriend DOC13. Since penis tattoos are never an artist best work, why don’t you take a minute to check out some of his other work.

Of course, you know what’s behind the blur, but if you need proof, keep on keeping on.


21 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish to you.

  1. If one were to consider the history of Ireland as a whole, one would quickly realize that the “luck of the Irish” consist of getting kicked in the balls, repeatedly, by everyone including Mommy Nature. …Which makes it a strangely appropriate expression for a genital tattoo…

  2. I don’t think it’s that bad of a tattoo, tbh. Definitely not his “best work” but this makes it sound like the dick tattoo is a piece of shit. It’s well done, and penises are difficult to tattoo as far as I can tell.

  3. They never said it was a horrible tattoo. They said that penis tattoos are never the artist’s best work. You literally just quoted everything written on modblog, but twisting it like they didn’t write it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m reading the same thing other people are… or if they just can’t be bothered to actually read it.

  4. Its a decent done piece for where it is! best to get it semi hard to tattoo it *yuk*

    Look at me, like I know everything about cocks.

  5. No it’s quite a fine genital tattoo, I didn’t mean for it to come across as a insult on this. I just know that most tattooist when choosing one piece to showcase would probably not choose a genital tattoo, so I encourage readers to look into his other tattoos and paintings.

  6. finally gd to see some updates without fukin facial hair

    awesome idea thou i got a swatsticka on my penis lol about 7 mounths ago

  7. Hahah that rules! I hope it holds out and doesn’t look like a big green blob with age!

  8. You sound charming Dean. From what i’ve seen of genital tattoos that looks pretty damn good, kudos to the artist.

  9. lol wow didnt think this would get good comments . the tattoo has healed perfectly due to the sad nature of its lack of use lol . and no worry about if its my *best work* or not, not going to hurt my feelers i enjoy peoples real comments good and bad ,as an artist it helps you evolve …..not that any one has said anything bad yet lol Keep up the good work sean :)

  10. It’s St. PADDY’S Day.. Not PATTIES! I’m Irish, living in Ireland and I had to clear that up, “Pattie’s” sounds retarded.. When someone is called “Patrick” their nickname is “Paddy” not “Patty”.

    Anyway yeah considering it’s on a dong, and dong’s seem like they could be a bit tricky to tattoo for both parties, it looks good enough.

  11. the i cant see how you could keep a hard on while getting tattooed…viagra maybe cialis haha

  12. Dan, real men are hard when they get their cocks tattooed, girly-men go soft.
    Its in the bible, do some research before you post!

  13. when i had mine done i had to apply the stencil when hard and then strech whilst getting tattooed haha!

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