It is everyone’s favorite BME game!

Guess What????????????????


For the answers you seek, keep on keeping on.

Did you guess wang? That’s almost always a safe bet with this game and as usual if you guessed wang you are correct!


This picture is a result from an intense scrotal saline infusion. When the scrotum reaches maximum capacity the additional saline has to go elsewhere and this is the result. Want more stuff like this?  Then check out BME Hard.

29 thoughts on “It is everyone’s favorite BME game!

  1. does this seriously cause pain , and how long does this effect last and yeah woudl a guy still be bale to get an erection while using saline injections

  2. I guessed penis, my (20 y/o) son guess bellybutton, but he’s new to this game. I wonder how long it took to absorb?

  3. the best part of the picture is his stance. His hands are on his hips like he’s showing off a brand new transformer belt buckle like “check out this shit, i am the man.”

  4. With shaving it, I just keep imagining the tiniest knick of the skin causing the whole thing to explode like a water baloon.

  5. Saline inflations are always interesting to me, they never look quite the same. And I totally thought it was a herniated belly button, but why would that be on bme….

  6. I guessed right that it was a penis with skin pushed over the head, but I didn’t guess the saline part. Although, I feel as if I should have known…

  7. I honestly just want to get high and make him walk around so I can watch it wobble and jiggle and laugh really hard.

  8. It looks like an awful playdough mockery of a real penis. Also whose penis is so small that it is completely engulfed by the bottom 1/8 inch if it happens to inflate? Savagery.

  9. haha i was wayyyyy off aswell next time i see something like that i think i will be confidant at guessing what it is haha

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