One Helluva Party

Lot’s of our readers know Allen Falkner as THE major innovator in modern suspension. This is an accurate way to think of him, but around Dallas he is known for more than just hanging from hooks. In Dallas, as well as beyond, Allen is also infamous for his ability to throw one hell of a party.

The Freaks and Fetish event is the preparty for The 2010 Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention and will take place on Friday April 2nd. This year’s event will showcase performers and guests from around the world:

-World champion pole dancer Pantera Blacksmith

-Finland’s Snake Oil Sideshow

-The Return of Pain Solution from Norway

-Of course, returning to the role of MC is everyone’s favorite green darlin’, The Lizardman!


With all of the freakish thrills and sexy frills, this is a party you won’t want to miss.
For more information and ticket prices please visit The Church.

7 thoughts on “One Helluva Party

  1. I know Pantera personally. I did all her mods minus the tattoos lol. She started working on them back in 1998~. I think it’s awesome she has become so famous.

  2. These are the kinds of things that make me SO MAD that I don’t live somewhere big and exciting.

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