Nipple destruction evolves into nipple piercing project

When I first got into this whole body mod thing, I was always fascinated by Fakir. He was the modification world’s renaissance man. He was involved in almost every facet of body modification and body play and he travelled the world doing so.

If I had to pick one man likely to be remembered as the 21st centuries modification renaissance man it would, without a doubt, be Ron Garza. So when I saw this email submission from Ron, I knew damn well it would be something awesome.

I will let him tell the story on these:

I found these pics recently from a client  from a few years back who  had done alot of heavy nipple training/torture through out  the years  and  just had alot of damage done to the tissue. Since he no longer did the nipple training, he wanted to do something to emphasize his nipples  since he felt the tattoos over powered them. So  we came up with these ideas that show through the tattoo work (he didn’t want the same  on both nipples). He was always  shy about this and didnt want to much attention drawn to them  since he was a suit on his work  time back then. I just  always thought this was  really  fucking cool.

I have to agree, and I hope you guys find these pictures to be really fucking cool as well.


For closeups of these interesting nipple projects, keep on keeping on.



19 thoughts on “Nipple destruction evolves into nipple piercing project

  1. Hmmm, maybe there’s hope for my four migration-ruined burger nipples after all! Time to go do some research…

  2. the lower picture has an odd number of piercings……

    so if these were post-microdermal… then that would mean…. nipple pocketing???
    I confused :[

  3. not that new at all ,honestly ive seen this done many times over the past 2 years on both men and women

  4. Hmmmm. What’s confusing me is the uneven number of piercings on the left nipple- if these aren’t microdermals, how did they do that? Interested to find out what they are. The curved barbell looks really good in that placement, never considered it there before.

  5. im gonna guess these piercings maybe lasted a year or so. the left does look fresher than the right

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