The elephant in the room

Fabrizio Divari, out of Fabrizio Divari Art in Toronto sends us this incredible rendering of Dali’s “Les Elephants” in progress.I absolutely love this piece.


Check out Fabrizio’s portfolio on BME for more of his amazing work.

29 thoughts on “The elephant in the room

  1. Executed very well, but sorry to break it to you jamie, a lot of people have it, I mean A LOT.

  2. I have been wanting to get an elephant tattoo, not this one in particular, but it makes me want to get it done even more.

  3. @Brendan

    I know I was making a joke at how many people have that tattoo. I don’t really want it. It is badass though.

  4. Oh god someone’s coming off as a shrill and bitter bitch? DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!!!!

  5. salvador dali is famous for his surreal and fantasy art and influences many individuals,

  6. To delete a community post addressing issues of trust, personal rights, and legality instills doubt and suspicion in the stated argument.

    If things like that are going to be posted on ModBlog, they need to STAY on. To do otherwise is, in my opinion, disrespectful to us.

    And I love these Star Wars/Dali hybrids!

  7. @13 do you always talk like your a walking text book? or do you just try to be irrelevant and unnecessary?

    so the solution to the security problems of BME is to ignore it?
    got to admit sticking your head in the sand seems a bit late at this point.

  8. @14 – Go shove your comment up your vag.

    Is that unnecessary enough for you? Or shall I continue posting unintelligible comments that serve no purpose?

  9. wtf? you people moan when nothing gets posted, but when something is posted you think its to “divert attention” from a legal issue? wow, lame.

  10. @Rachel,
    don’t worry, only BME regulars saw that post before you decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.

  11. Anyway, this post was scheduled to be put up yesterday at the same time I wrote up the other post, from the airport, on Friday. Let’s not take away from Fabrizio’s great work because I really do love his work.

  12. If someone wants something tattooed on their OWN BODY they should get it, regardless of how many other people happen to have it. Not getting something in fear of being unoriginal is so ridiculous, I’m so tired of you elitist modders trashing every damn post because a tattoo isn’t “original enough” or done perfectly enough or because there happens to be a crusty on a new piercing. Pull whatever’s up your ass out already.

    And yes I do have classwork I’m avoiding.

  13. Its great until you get to the creepy insect-style leg (i really dont like insect legs lol) – i like how it looks almost like a charcoal sketch.

  14. I agree with you inkfaery. If the wearer is happy, if it’s special to them for whatever reason, who cares how many people have it? Little is truly original anymore and so what? What’s important is your connection to it, not how different you can be.

    I didn’t get my tattoos for any other reason than the personal connection they have for me. They’re Alice in Wonderland inspired and I started on them years ago. LOTS of people have Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoos. I actually enjoy seeing how others have interpreted the same characters.

    I’m more concerned with how well done the work is. In this case it’s quite stellar.

  15. Uh there’s a difference between saying “a lot of people have it.” and attacking the wearer for having it, because a lot of people have it. ex: “WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS UNORIGINAL PIECE OF SHIT GOT THIS TATTOOED, BRO.”

  16. Gosh I love Dali a lot! Like a lot a lot!

    Also I just looked through that portfolio, that is some of the most amazing and mind blowing work I have seen in a long time. I might have wet my pants a little.

  17. there’s a difference between being boring and unoriginal and being a walking cliche. you can go ahead and do either, fine by me.

  18. 26 wtf? anyone can have anything tattooed on them, even if what ever thay have having tattooed has been done 100 times, it dosnt take away from it, i.e. borneo roses, stars, flowers etc, i could even go as far as things like dragons and koi fish, if you want something tattooed, go for it, but people like you who’ll fob it off as “being boring” and “unoriginal” as well as a “walking cliche” ticks me, forget about tattoos for one second, piercings, i wonder how meny people have stretched lobes, regardles of size, dose that mean its no cliche and boring to have them?

    im intersted to find out your expert opinion on thses matters, when it comes to what people choose to do to their own bodies, your clearly the leading authority about being original and not cliche.

  19. i’m just saying, there’s a line between unoriginal and cliche, and the dali elephant has lumbered strangely across that line in tattoo form.
    i also think this is a very well done tattoo.

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