Bitch slapped by the Ace Of Spades

Around this time last year I entered my Lemmy is God tattoo into the Philly  radio station 1045′s band tattoo contest. For some reason, it did not win.

Now this year my buddy Matt Clark, who you IAM folks more likely  know as Robin’s bitch, has entered his Motorhead War Pig hand tattoo in that same contest. If you would like to vote for this bad ass tribute to Motorhead, done by my friend Shlak please go here and do so now.


PS: Robin is also taking part in this contest with her Green Day tattoo. Obviously, when faced with the decision which to feature Motorhead or Green Day, I made the right decision. That being said Robin is a kick ass chic, so I still advise you go here and vote for her tattoo as well!

7 thoughts on “Bitch slapped by the Ace Of Spades

  1. Born To Lose – Live To Win.

    Motorhead, the best Rock “n” Band in the world.

  2. Wow. I’ve never seen this tattoo without a thin whitish film over it. Motorhead FTW.

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