Liptril piercing?

Liptril is far from an official name, but when I saw this vertical labret that was pierced through a stretched labret, it instantly reminded me of  a septril piercing, and the word ‘liptril” popped into my head.


This creative piercing was done by Marea Vedge on her hubby Alan Vedge. As well as performing piercings this pair also runs Aesthetics custom jewelry company.

19 thoughts on “Liptril piercing?

  1. Just wanted to thank the moderators of the site for throwing out such a great amount of content today, with great quality too! Thanks guys!

    Also, this is wicked cute.

  2. I’d be interested to know about the healing procedure used here. When the vertical labret was pierced, was the septum jewelry left out for a while to allow for healing? Is the bottom post on the labret jewelry flat?

  3. sooner or later people are gonna be cutting there lips in half and creating piercings to hold their lips together maybe, maybe not.

  4. I remember Alan saying he had to downsize his labret because the way the flatback jewelry was rubbing on his labret jewelry.

    It looks AWESOME, but slightly uncomfortable?

  5. Wouldn’t it be more comfy to pierce it trough the lip, wit the flatback sitting on the inside of the mouth? Same result.

  6. @ 9 what you refer to is called an Ashley Piercing. I assume they went with this because it is far less likely to migrate than an Ashley piercing and as an added bonus is far less likely to damage his teeth. As for the flat back being comfy, I would imagine after the downsizing of the labret for healing it should sit pretty comfortably in the long run. Hopefully, Alan or Marea will chime in here, but in case they don’t I thought I’d throw out my take on it.

  7. @ 10 :)
    Right, that’s the name, thanks! True, teeth damage, didn’t think about that one.. I’m also curious how it turns out

  8. Caleigh, what is usually referred to as an inversed/inverted vertical labret is the same as the ‘Ashley’ piercing Sean mentioned above.

    And I absolutely love this idea, and shocked I haven’t seen it before due to the growing amount of stretched labrets out there. I do love all the jewellery, too. And stretched philtrum <3

  9. damnit..
    I’ve had this in mind for about a year. (except with double stretched labrets.)
    But it seems this chap beat me to it.
    Well, kudos to him, and it looks as great as I imagined.
    I guess that’s what I get for procrastinating.

    Liptril is a great name. :)
    I was thinking of Trans-labret, though.

  10. Thanks, this was a fun piercing! I chose to pierce from inside the stretched fistula instead of an inverse lip for many reasons, including gum/teeth issues. But mainly for the jewelry to sit flush in the desired position, the jewelry angle would only work this way. Plus it is perpendicular to the tissue, going through as little tissue as possible. And still healing was a bit of a pain, there was a lot of swelling. Alan did down size for initial healing and changed jewelry several times to find the best fit. Healed he now wears an 18g 5/16″ titanium threadless barball (Neometal). The bottom bead has a small pocket it sits in freely and is very comfortable according to Alan.
    I don’t think this is a piercing for everyone. But maybe we will see more with so many lovely stretched labrets! If anyone has more questions about this piercing, I am happy to answer them in a pm. I like trans-labret ;)

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